A Quick Tweak To Get More Out Of Your Foam Rolling Exercises

A Quick Tweak To Get More Out Of Your Foam Rolling Exercises

In this video, I wanted to go through a quick tweak that you can do in order to get more out of your foam rolling exercises.

If you are doing regular foam rolling exercises and are bored or are not getting much benefit from them, try this tweak.

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I had Donnalee demonstrate.

Go through a typical IT band foam rolling exercise, really working on the IT band on the outer thigh. This area is often really sensitive, especially if you are a runner, do a lot of single leg work, or have really poor stability in the lateral plane.

The IT band (the iliotibial band) is a long piece of connective tissue that runs along the outer part of your thigh, from your hip to your knee/shin. The IT band is important for stabilizing and moving your knee. IT band syndrome is an extremely common lateral (outer) knee injury, especially in runners. IT band syndrome occurs when the IT band becomes tight, irritated of inflamed. When the IT band is tight, friction occurs on the outside of the knee when you bend your knee. This can be painful and can also lead to other injuries. It is therefore important to roll out the IT band, both to prevent IT band syndrome and to reverse it. Use the tweak in this article to get an even more effective foam rolling exercise for the IT band.

IT Band Foam Rolling Exercise

IT Band Foam Rolling Exercise

To get more out of the foam rolling exercise, rotate your body to roll in between the quad and the IT band.

Tweak on IT Band Foam Rolling Exercise

Tweak on IT Band Foam Rolling Exercise

With this exercise, you are targeting the zone of convergence, where you will have muscle fibers from both areas intertwining and overlapping. Often this is an area where there is a lot of tension and sensitivity. Target this in order to loosen up the muscle and improve the tissue quality of the muscle. The quadriceps and the IT band are excellent to target that zone of convergence.

Give that exercise a go. If you are bored and not getting much benefit from your regular foam rolling exercises, tweak it up by hitting that zone of convergence in order to get more out of your foam rolling exercises.

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