How To Foam Roll Out The Gluteus Medius Muscle

How To Foam Roll Out The Gluteus Medius Muscle

In this video, I will explain how to foam roll out your gluteus medius.

Why would you want to foam roll out the Gluteus Medius?

For many people, the gluteus medius tends to be an area with hidden muscle tension, which puts unnecessary stress on the hip, SI joint, back, and knee. Often, people don’t realize this tension exists until someone points it out or an assessment is done.

Suppose you are walking or doing some single-legged exercises. The gluteus medius is the muscle working hardest to keep your pelvis square. If you do a lot of walking, single leg work, or stand on one leg for a long period, that muscle gets overworked and builds up tension.

While we want our muscles to be strong, if they get overly tight, they do not function as well as they could. The gluteus medius muscle is essential for keeping the hips and knees healthy. When you walk, hike or run, the gluteus medius muscle keeps the hips square and helps prevent the knees from falling inward. When the gluteus medius muscle is weak or overly tight, it does not fire properly, and you can acquire injuries in the back, hips, knees, and ankles. So, work on strengthening the gluteus medius, but also spend time stretching or foam rolling the muscle to ensure it is functioning at its optimal capacity. Use the rolling foam exercise in this post to roll out your gluteus medius muscle.

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Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

Lie down and place the foam roller at about 45 degrees to your body. Bring your hip on the foam roller and straighten your other leg. Go from the ischial tuberosity, or the sit bone, and roll up to the top of the pelvis. Pelvis size differs, but you want to go from the sit bone to the top of the pelvis.

Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

If you have done the previous video about gluteus maximus, you will notice that this area is more sensitive, and I have explained why.

Go through 5 to 10 repetitions at a nice controlled speed to get the most out of the exercise.

Give that exercise a go. Just try that exercise, as you might discover that you have hidden muscle tension in that gluteus medius muscle.

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