A Simple Lunge Exercise That Is Easy On Your Knees

A Simple Lunge Exercise That Is Easy On Your Knees

I often get asked about painful lunge exercises.

Is there a way that you can modify the lunge exercise so that building up strength in your knees and hips won’t be painful?

YES, there is. There is a tweak or modification that you can do with the suspension trainer. This modification will help take the stress off of your knees and hips and help you build up strength in a more gentle way.

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I will get Andrea to demonstrate.

You need a suspension trainer hooked onto something secure. Most suspension trainers will attach to a door frame or hook onto other stable surfaces. Grab the handles of the suspension trainer so it is holding part of your weight. Step back and then move into a lunge position. Raise back up and then alternate sides.

Suspension Trainer Reverse Lunge

Suspension Trainer Reverse Lunge

Have your hands out in front of you, offloading and decreasing how much stress is going into the hip and knee. This offloading helps make the exercise easier. It also allows you to shift your weight back and keep that vertical shin position, decreasing how much stress goes on the knee and moving some of this stress to the hip. Usually, the hip can handle it because there are bigger muscles in that joint. Make sure you keep your front knee stacked over your ankle, and definitely do not allow your knee to go past your toes. If you are still experiencing pain in the hips and/or knees, there are some adjustments you can make. First, assume a shorter stance. Do not step your back leg as far back. Second, perform a shallower lunge. Do not bend your knees as much. These two modifications should help take the stress off of your joints and allow you to work on your lunge while keeping your joints safe. Over time as your build strength and mobility, you will be able to move into a deeper lunge.

There you go! If you have difficulty with the lunge exercise, specifically the Reverse Lunge, give that modification called the Suspension Trainer Reverse Lunge a go. This will allow you to loosen up your ankle, strengthen up your knee and hips as well as decrease how much stress you put in the knees and hips. Thus, you can do the Reverse Lunge exercise in the future without any issues.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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