An Opportunity Missed by Fitness Professionals

I am down here in Miami at a Fitness Mastermind meeting and I was talking with Lori; we’ve talked on the phone before and I interviewed with her. We continued that conversation and talked about a mistake that trainers are making right now and how they lose thousands of dollars from their business by not re-thinking the odd. Now I will get her to explain that.

Lori Kennedy: Yes, 65% of the population of our population is overweight or obese. The weight loss industry is a $60 billion yearly industry and personal trainers are positioning themselves only as fitness experts not as health coaches so they are missing a huge piece of the market in terms of offering quality weight loss advice and nutrition advice to their clients because their clients are going elsewhere.

They are going to weight loss centers or doctor’s weight loss programs and dollars are being spent elsewhere and not in their facilities, so they are losing a big piece of the pie by not positioning themselves as health coaches versus personal trainers.

Rick Kaselj: Okay. What you have done is you’ve worked in the gym and you saw this happening, and you created something that worked well for you and now you offer it to other fitness professionals. Can you talk about that?

Lori Kennedy: Yes. What I’ve found in the last 6 years is that a lot of the gyms were offering this additional revenue stream of providing a turn to labels program and so they would bring me in with this 60 program that I would have. We would either do it on a one-on-one basis or we will run challenges or transformation contests and it works well because it was a turnkey program. It was easy to implement, the club and the fitness facility, and the personal trainers branded it as their own.

We went in and we ran it and had great success with the meal plans and the recipes and behavior modification. The dollars stay in the facility or with the trainer. It is beneficial to yoga studios, Pilates studios, and anyone who is in the health and wellness market dealing with clients who have weight to lose.

Rick Kaselj: Looking at it, you kind of do the work for them and you give everything to them so they pretty much add it to what they are doing. They are already doing that physical component of the exercise and fitness, and you kind of give them the nutrition side which ends up keeping dollars in their facility, and they can also improve the results that their clients are getting.

Lori Kennedy: Exactly. It takes the practitioner one step above the competition because they can take the holistic weight management system that I created. It’s a turnkey system to be used for a 4 to 6 weeks program. Everything is done for them.

They don’t have to spend the 20 to 30 hours that they don’t have in putting it together and putting it to work and putting their logo and contact information on it. They send out the email that we wrote for them and they are getting them together and they get them going.

The return on investment is high because they can keep the dollars on their own and they can use it again and again for a variety of challenges, different people, ages, groups, and demographics.

Rick Kaselj: Where can people get more information about you, Lori?

Lori Kennedy: People can get more information about me and the product at We have all the details on the page. My name is Lori Kennedy and I created it with another practitioner named Ling Wong, and they can get more information on the website.

Take care and bye-bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS.

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