7 Question Quiz on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Okay, I did this with ankle sprains and the feedback was great.

Let’s do a little quiz on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

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7 Question Quiz on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

#1 – What is the location in the body that compression occurs in those with thoracic outlet syndrome?

a) Interscalene triangle
b) Costoclavicular space
c) Retropectoralis minor
d) All of the above

#2 – Which type of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is the most common?

a) Arterial
b) Venous
c) Neurogenic
d) None of the above

#3 – What percent of the population will get thoracic outlet syndrome?

a) less than 2%
b) greater than 2%
c) less than 1%
d) greater than 3%

#4 – Which muscle DOES NOT play a direct role in thoracic outlet syndrome?

a) Scalene
b) Pectoralis Major
c) Middle Fibers of Trapezius
d) Sternocleidomastoid

#5 – What type of gym strengthening exercises should someone with thoracic outlet syndrome avoid?

a) Neck strengthening exercises
b) Shoulder strengthening exercises
c) Rotator cuff strengthening exercises
d) All of the above

#6 – Which sleeping position should those with thoracic outlet syndrome avoid?

a) Side
b) Back
c) Stomach
d) All of the above

#7 – What is the recommended initial length of time that someone with thoracic outlet syndrome should hold a stretch ?

a) 5 seconds
b) 20 seconds
c) 30 seconds
d) 60 seconds

Bonus – What component is often overlooked in a thoracic outlet syndrome recovery program?

a) Range of Motion
b) Strengthening
c) Stretching
d) Self Massage

Make sure you jot down your answers or if you want to share them, you can post them here.

I will have the answers for you later this week.

Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer focusing on Exercises for Injury Recovery

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