Are Handstand Pushups Bad For Your Neck?

I wanted to go through How Your Neck Could Be Injuring You During Your Handstand Push Up.

How Your Neck Could Be Injuring You During Your Handstand Push Up

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I had Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Handstand Push Up with Forward Head Posture

As you raised the hands over the head and your head is being forward, it creates a weak spot in the spine. With that head forward, the neck is in a weak position and it puts a lot of stress in your spine and mid back areas. The weak points decrease how much overhead press force you are able to create. With the force you are creating, it will put a lot of stress in the neck area and cause irritation.

Head Forward Posture

#2 – Handstand Push Up with Shoulder Forward Posture

Oftentimes, your shoulder will come forward and that affects the range of motion that you have. When you try to press your hands up, your body is moving back and puts a lot of stress on your shoulder joints and rotator cuff because of the decrease in range motion in your shoulder.

Shoulder Forward Posture

If you have any pain, irritation, or sensitivity in your neck and your shoulder, there is a good chance that your neck is causing it. Look at and address your forward head posture.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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