Are Your Workouts Leading To Shoulder Pain?

Are Your Workouts Leading To Shoulder Pain

To prevent shoulder pain, you need to do exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your shoulder. If you have shoulder pain, you need to do activities that stretch and relax muscles in your shoulder. Shoulder pain is something you might experience if you work out. However, if you haven’t had shoulder pain, that’s good.

Even if you have never experienced shoulder pain, knowing how to prevent it is good Prevention is always better than cure.

In this article, we are going to talk about shoulder pain. We’ll also tell you about shoulder exercises that help prevent shoulder pain.

What causes Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, which means that the shoulder joint moves in many directions.

The shoulder joint combines several bones that come together at a ball and socket joint. This makes it very flexible and mobile but also very prone to injury if you lift weights incorrectly.

Do you know that weight training can cause injury to the shoulder joint, which is the most susceptible area of the body?

This is mainly because of the high risk of injury if you lift a heavy weight with your arms outstretched.

When lifting weights, you might feel that the shoulder is the most accessible joint to move as compared to other body parts, but it is also the most vulnerable joint in your body.

To prevent shoulder injuries and pain, you should ensure that your form is perfect while lifting weights, especially with your shoulders.

If you’re not careful, you can easily injure your shoulder while lifting. If you want to stay healthy and lift weights, you need to know how to raise properly and avoid the most common mistakes that cause shoulder injuries when lifting. You don’t want to lose months of progress because you didn’t take the time to learn how to raise correctly.

I teamed up with my friend Mike Westerdal to create a 4-question quiz for you.

Take that quiz right now, whether you already feel shoulder discomfort during workouts or you just want to make sure you’re not at risk for any, to see if you are appropriate for a specific strength training program.

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Are Your Workouts Leading to Shoulder Pain? <<< 4 Question Quiz

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If you work in an industry that requires frequent lifting, work in an environment with a lot of stress, or do activities that put excessive pressure on your shoulders, you are at risk of developing a shoulder injury. Some common shoulder injuries people experience are rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, bursitis, and impingement.

I want to help you avoid shoulder pain.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Shoulder Pain Solved