Test Your Technique

Test Your Technique

Preventing shoulder impingement and keeping your shoulders healthy for life is very important.

When building muscles on your shoulders and upper back, shoulder exercise is perfect. 

Everyone has a different body type and responds to workouts in their way. Finding the proper techniques for your body is essential for seeing results fast.

If you’re anything like me, your shoulder bugs you once in a while when you do a particular exercise.

So, I created a way to help you discover if you are doing the right shoulder exercises and workouts or if these activities will put you at risk of a painful shoulder injury.

Take this quick 4-question quiz to see if you are using an accepted technique or bringing it into a situation for the pain train.

 Make sure to take the quiz before you go into a lift. If you have pain when doing such exercises, then you are probably going into it with the wrong form.

Which is better: doing an exercise incorrectly and having pain, or not doing it at all? Right, you can always find a way to adjust your form and make it shoulder-friendly.

Ways to Prevent Shoulder Impingement

  1. Shoulder Alignment for the Shoulder Press Exercise This will help prevent shoulder impingement and decrease the risk of injury.
  2. Shoulder Exercises Should you NEVER do at all – Shoulder exercises in your workout routine will help improve strength and stability, reduce the risk of injury, and decrease pain and discomfort.
  3. A version of Lat Pulldown Exercise that could negatively reshape your shoulder – One of the main reasons the lat pulldown exercise can negatively impact health is how the execution. 
  4. Incorrect Single Arm Row Exercise – This exercise can help strengthen your arms and back and improve your posture. 

Judge Your Exercise Technique  << Take the Quiz

This is something most people do not know. You can mess up your shoulders even if you are training other muscle groups besides the shoulders.

Strange, isn’t it? << Take the Quiz

Here’s how:

When you train your chest, your shoulders are naturally engaged to do the work. Training your back is the same thing.

The result?

You overwork your shoulders and put undue strain on them.

If this isn’t bad enough, when you train your triceps—which is a good thing to do—you recruit (pull in) your shoulders for this exercise as well. This is not good!

When you train your back or chest, it’s best to use a machine that refrains from requiring shoulder work because this will spare the joints and tendons of the shoulder from undue stress and wear and tear.

The right shoulder exercises will help you build strength, stability, and mobility in your shoulders while improving blood circulation, oxygenation, and range of motion. Shoulder exercises can help improve the alignment of your shoulders and provide protection against the harmful effects of aging and overuse. One of the best ways to get the most out of your shoulder exercises is making sure you have the correct form, best achieved by using a shoulder exercise machine.

Take the quiz because there is a free video series, 5 Worst Exercises for Your Shoulders & How to Fix Them, for you at the end. 

Today is the last day to claim your prize so go now.

Judge Your Exercise Technique << Take the Quiz

Rick Kaselj, MS

Frozen Shoulder Solution