Assessment and Exercise for Athletes

Assessment and Exercise for Athletes

I am working on the next edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed. It focuses on Assessment and Exercise.

As you know, the first two contributors are Nick Rosencutter and John Izzo. On Wednesday, I will let you know who another one of the contributors is.

I am working through Nick Rosencutter’s presentation, which is on Assessment and Exercise for the Athlete.

I have not gone through the whole presentation yet, but I have gone through the assessment section.

This is what is covered:

  • Difference between stiff and short muscles and how each is approached differently when it comes to the athlete
  • Importance of identifying RTP muscle imbalance in athletes
  • What to do about poor lumbopelvic stability and control in bilateral and unilateral foot positions in athletes
  • Common imbalance issues for the squatting athlete
  • Importance of performing the triple athlete hip assessment
  • What to do with a positive triple athlete hip assessment
  • Ideal hip muscle firing for optimal printing performance
  • If an athlete has a poor hip extension, what injuries it can lead to
  • Importance of assessing hip flexion to address athlete energy leaks in performance

Here is a click from his presentation:

Markdown July 31, as that is when the advance screening of MIRA will be available.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Here is a kind word about Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

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