What Can Athletes Do About Knee Pain with Anthony Mychal

I am back with you with information on knee pain and athletes. Anthony has been on EFI before; he wrote a viral article on Chronic Knee Pain.

Before I get into the interview, let’s talk about the next edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Assessment and Exercise. Anthony is the third contributor and will be presenting on Assessment and Exercise for Athleticism.

Okay, let’s get to the interview!

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Anthony Mychal on What Can Athletes Do About Knee Pain?

Athletes knee pain

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Anthony Mychal on What Can Athletes Do About Knee Pain?

What Anthony Mychal Shares in the Interview:

  • Who is Anthony Mychal?
  • What is his acrobatic background, and how does he define it?
  • What is tracking?
  • He shares his own knee pain story and how he overcame it.
  • What is his idea on the difference between Athlete Knee Pain and Non-Athlete Knee Pain?
  • How does body position in athletes change when it relates to knee pain?
  • What are the essential things to consider in overcoming knee pain?
  • Does “strengthening” your knee work to end knee pain?
  • He gives his number one tip on maintaining good knee health.
  • Talks about mobility drills and their benefits to getting rid of knee pain.
In the interview, we talk about his knee pain book. You can get more details on it here.

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Final Word

The knee is an immense vital joint in the body, and sporting activities play an impactful role in its health. If someone has knee pain while engaging in a sport, it can be hard to determine the cause. There are many potential contributing factors to knee pain, including type and intensity of the sport, exercise level, and exercise program. However, some common elements can lead to knee pain. To avoid or perhaps treat knee pain, it is uplifting for athletes to be knowledgeable about the knee and how it functions. In this way, they can make the best choices for themselves and their knees.

If you have a neat specialization or business information that would be of benefit for fitness professionals to know about, please do contact me, and I would love to share it with the EFI world.

If you know of a fitness professional or someone with knee pain that may benefit from this interview, please forward it to them. Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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