Avoid this Barbell Training Mistake

Avoid this Barbell Training Mistake

I am at O’hare airport.

My flight was delayed last night so I had to spend an extra night in Chicago.

I want to share something with you that happened when I was at the airport this morning.

You know how it is to go through security at an airport; but today, I met the most amazing lady in security. She checked everyone’s documentation with enthusiasm, was excited to see you, had energy and had a complimented everyone.

She recommended that I keep the clean-shaven look (I have not shaved in 3 days.).

After meeting her and talking with her, the frustration around my flight and having to get up at 3:30 am did not matter anymore.

I still have a smile about the experience.

Today, I wanted to start off by saying:

I am down here in sunny San Diego with Travis. Travis and I are at a Fitness Mastermind right now and we have a break in meetings, and during the break, we got to talking about barbell training.

I’ve been doing more of it and I have enjoyed it, but since it is new to me I made a bunch of mistakes, and I know Travis does a lot of the barbell stuff especially if you have seen any of his Thursday throwdowns. The barbell is one thing that he uses.

I wanted him to talk a little bit about why he likes the barbell? Why utilize the barbell? And a couple of common mistakes that he sees in his clients and customers around the world when it comes to barbell training.

Rick Kaselj: Travis I will get you to introduce yourself and we will talk about barbell training.

Travis Stoetzel: Hi, I am Travis Stoetzel from TravisStoetzel.com. As Rick mentioned I love training with a barbell. It is one of the main ways that I train. With many of my clients, there are so many things that we do with barbells.

You are asking about this like some of the things that you can do if you are limited on time and as far as barbell training goes, my favorite thing to do are the barbell complexes, which in short are just two, three, four, or five maybe even six different exercises and you string them together while holding on to the barbell.

For example one of my favorite ones is like barbell power clean and then into an overhead press, something like that.

You are taking two very pain in your butt movements so to speak, and you are putting them together so you can save a lot of time and you can get into fast workouts with this. That’s one of my favorite ways to use barbells via complexes.

As far as I can say, people try to go too heavy too soon with barbells. People when you see those trying to get away; I see this happen a lot with my clients when they first come into the gym and I just kind of sit back and let them put the weight on the bar and see where they go on with it.

For example the squats, everybody wants to squat a house right? They want to throw on as much weight as they can on the bar, and they are not squatting down low enough, their back’s rounding out, they are not able to support the weight or maybe they came to do a bodyweight squat correctly so their mobility is off a little bit.

But that’s probably one of the biggest mistakes as far as barbell training goes, if there’s too much weight too early definitely with squats and deadlifts and different lifts like that, so that’s typically what I see with that.

Rick Kaselj: Yeah, and I know definitely with myself when I started when you go into the movements you think you are doing a perfect job. But it was super helpful to me to get some sessions or to get some feedback from someone else on how is it looking? Because in my brain I am like an Olympic lifter doing a perfect job but when you look at it when someone records it you see “okay, I need to work on that” or “I got to avoid that.”

So getting some feedback from someone else, a training partner or a trainer, is awesome to help because you get massive results from the barbell complexes but you can mess yourself up pretty good as well.

Travis Stoetzel: Yes. When it comes to those barbell complexes what you want to make sure before you start doing them is, that it is not a super-advanced technique to use like you want to be at least sound with the different movements that you are using within the barbell complexes.

For example, if you are not very good at power cleans you are not going to have that within the complex. You want to get very good with the technique as far as those movements go before you start throwing them into a complex. It’s a great way to train.

Rick Kaselj: So Travis, where could we get more information about the Travis Stoetzel experience?

Travis Stoetzel: I have a membership site where they can find more about me at TrainAggressive.com and then they can also go to my blog where I post tons of different stuff weekly on there, new videos, new workouts, different workouts at TravisStoetzel.com.

Rick Kaselj: Thank you very much for watching this video. Make sure to swing by the blog and take a look and you can enter your injury and there’s probably a good chance that I have a video or an article on it on what you can do about it.

Also, if you are watching this on YouTube, head above and subscribe to this channel and you will get more videos like this. So this is Rick Kaselj from sunny San Diego saying take care and bye-bye.


Yes, you are awesome.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of pain and injury-free life that is full of fun, memories, health, and life.

For today, I have an awesome video for you. It was from when I was in San Diego in May, with an awesome guy, Travis Stoetzel.

You can check out the video here: Avoid this Barbell Training Mistake

Travis is my go-to person when it comes to hardcore training. Over the last few days, I have been talking about barbell complexes and I am looking forward to getting back home later this week and doing some. If you are looking for more barbell complexes you can check out Barbell Battlefield.

Rick Kaselj