Back Pain and Self Massage

Back pain is a common problem that many people have to deal with at some point in their lives. It’s not only caused by bad posture, but it can also be the result of sports activities or just working in an office and sitting for extended periods of time. Luckily, there are several ways you can relieve back pain. If your back pain is caused by tight muscles, you should try self-massage to help improve blood flow to those areas and reduce inflammation. Self-massage has proven to be very beneficial in relieving back pain and preventing its recurrence.

This article will explain how you can relieve your back pain using self-massage techniques so keep reading.

What is Self-Massage?

Self-massage is a technique in which you use your own hands to apply pressure to your body in order to relieve pain and tension. There are several different types of self-massage, each of which can be used to treat certain health conditions. The best thing about self-massage is that you can do it whenever and wherever you want, unlike going to the spa or getting a professional massage. You can perform self-massage on any part of your body, including your back. Back self-massage has several benefits and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. It can be particularly useful for relieving back pain and improving your posture.

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How to Perform Self-Massage on Your Back

If you want to relieve your back pain, you should perform a back self-massage. The best time to perform back self-massage is before you go to sleep because it can also help you fall asleep faster. 

Here’s how to perform back self-massage:

  • Start by lying on your back, placing a pillow under your knees, and putting a pillow under your head.
  • Next, stretch your arms and hands beside your body.
  • Apply pressure to your back by firmly pressing your hands into your back. 
  • Focus on areas that are particularly tense and knotted, such as your lower back and spine.
  • You can also use a massage roller to massage your back. – Try to massage your back for 5 minutes.

Benefits of Self-Massaging Your Back

There are several benefits associated with back self-massage.

These include:

Increased blood flow

Massaging your back can increase blood flow to the muscles in your back, which can help reduce inflammation. This can also help improve your overall health as blood flow also helps to oxygenate your body cells. 

Improved posture

Back self-massage can also help improve your posture by allowing the muscles in your back to relax and be in their natural position. This can help you stand straighter and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduced pain and tension

Self-massaging your back can also help reduce pain and tension in your back. It can also help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep.

Better range of motion

Another great benefit of back self-massage is that it can improve your range of motion. At the Spinal Health & Core Training seminar, I was presenter number 3.

It was great to discuss core training and back pain from an exercise rehabilitation perspective. My seminar focused a lot on the things that cause back pain.

Stretching and self-massage (not that kind of self-massage) are two things that have a big impact on back pain. 

There are several ways to relieve back pain, including back self-massage. This technique can be used to treat several conditions and also improve your overall health. Self-massage can help improve blood flow to your back muscles and improve your posture by relaxing the muscles. It can also help reduce pain and tension in your back. If you have back pain, you should perform a back self-massage before going to sleep. It’s an easy and effective way to relieve your pain.

Stretching and self-massage are important when it comes to rehabilitation of back pain and prevention of muscle imbalances which increase the risk of a back pain episode. I talk about it more in the below clip.

Now it is my turn for a video clip from my seminar.

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