Best AB Exercise for Those with Back Pain

Best AB Exercise for Those with Back Pain

There is an exercise that I do every day that helps my back. It is not a hard exercise, but it is an exercise that works on the activation, endurance, and strength around my back. It’s ab exercise for those with back pain. My back has been much happier since I added this to my daily routine.

Now here it is. Could you give it a go?

Rick Kaselj, MS

This is a special video for Pete, who asked me:

“What is the best AB exercise for someone who is suffering from back pain?”

You may notice that when your back hurts, certain ab exercises make that pain worse. For example, a crunch might irritate your back if you are already dealing with back pain. The ab exercise in this post is one that you can perform if you have back pain, and we will go through multiple progressions so you can find the variation that works best for you.

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I had Orsy go through the exercise. This exercise is called the Super Man. You can choose the Super Man exercise’s right level for your back pain.

1. Four Plank Position

Four Plank Position

Four Plank Position

Move into a four-point position, with your hands underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips, your knees about shoulder-width apart, and your head in line with your body. Tighten up your abdominal area. This is level one. You can start with this level if the force of gravity on your back is all you can handle. Always make sure that you can take deep breaths in the position that you are in.

2. Four Plank Position with Progression

Four Plank Position with Progression

Four Plank Position with Progression

Progress from the four plank position makes alternating the arms more challenging. Tighten your abdominal area, bringing one arm out and lowering it back down. Alternate back and forth. Try to maintain a neutral spine, so the only thing moving is your arm.

3. Bringing In The Legs

Ensure you are aligned with your head in line and tighten your abdominal area. Extend your leg, reaching with your heel, and then return down and alternate sides. Don’t arch through the back.

Bringing in the Legs

Bringing In The Legs

4. Alternating Arms and Legs

Progress to the fourth level, which is alternating arms and legs. Reach forward with one arm while extending back with the opposite leg. Return smoothly and then switch sides.

Alternating Arms and Legs

Alternating Arms and Legs

5. Bringing In Tubing

Lastly, you can bring in Tubing to progress the exercise. Wrap one end around your ankle and the other end around your hand. Move into the four-point position, tighten your abdominal area, hold your pelvis area in place and keep everything in good alignment. Reach with one arm and the opposite leg while fighting the resistance of the Tubing. Return slowly and repeat on the other side.

Bringing In Tubing

Bringing In Tubing

Please go through the movement and hold it for a second or two at the end position. Start with one set of five reps on each side and then progress to ten repetitions on each side.

Give that a go if you have back pain. Figure out the appropriate level for you, whether you are just at the four-point level or alternating arms and legs with tubing level.

Final Word

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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