Best Exercise for Low Back Pain Flare Up

Best Exercise for Low Back Pain Flare Up

I want to talk to you about the most important exercise to do when you flare up your back.

The three times that I’ve really flared up my back it was involving a leg pres. Down below I have a link to that leg press video about flaring up my back that time.

Here is that link: Low Back Pain and the Leg Press

But talking about this time when I flared up my back, the #1 exercise that I found for myself and for clients was right away trying to get into a back relaxation position.

So what I end up doing is lying on the floor with something to put my legs on — it could be a chair, a chair works okay.

What ends up working better is a couch. What also ends up working well is a coffee table or one of those things in front of the couch that you put your legs on.

Let me show you what I end up doing. I end up lying down and how easily you get into this position really varies.

I try to relax and really focus on relaxing all the muscles in my body, specifically the muscles in the hips. It can be front, side, behind, inner part, and also the muscles in my low back area.

I want to connect my brain to those muscles and get them to relax and decrease the tension. I will hold this position for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Sometimes I will be in this position for about 5 minutes in order to put myself in that back relaxation position which is low stress on the back and allows me to begin that recovery process when it comes to a back flare-up. This exercise starts to relax the muscles so that muscle tension is decreased, as muscle tension is one of the causes of pain in the lower back.

And then the second thing is to start regaining that movement in the back because that lack of movement is also contributing to the pain. After this, I would end up going into those movements that assist when it comes to addressing muscle tightness and loss of movement when you have a back flare-up.

The next time you end up having a back flare-up, try this position out and then start going through those movements that relax those muscles and help regain that movement.

Those are the things that will help overcome your low back pain. And for myself, the last three times, they’ve ended up helping me recover from my back flare up in about 3 days.

So if you want to have a little bit of information on the exact program that I use, you can check out Low Back Pain Solved. That’s the program that I use and give out to my clients when they flare up their backs. It shows what they can do to take control and recover from their back flare-ups.

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Low Back Pain Solved

Take care and bye, bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS