My Low Back Pain Flare Up Story

My Low Back Pain Flare Up Story

The best exercise for a Low Back Pain Flare Up

The best exercise for a low back pain flare-up is rest. It’s best not to exercise when you have low back pain. This might sound overkill, but it’s important to let your back heal. Your body needs time to recover from relieving your low back pain. This is important because if an injury causes low back pain, you must give your body enough time to heal. If you try to push through your pain too soon, you might end up worsening your back pain and setting your recovery back. That said, there are certain activities that you can do to help ease your pain.

Rest is the most important thing you can do. You can also apply a hot pack or heating pad to your lower back. Inflammation in your lower back can also be alleviated with ice.

You can also make sure that you’re sleeping on a supportive mattress. A mattress that is not supportive enough for your back can worsen your back pain.

It was an uneventful day.

I was at a local company, and I was performing a variety of assessments on their employees. At 20 employees in, I became a little apathetic about moving well and sensed a “click” in my back.

I have heard that “click” before.

It was never any good. It often meant a lot of pain.

As I walked around, I hoped it was just nothing, but within minutes the wave of pain hit my back.

The muscle around my back began to tighten. The pain started radiating from my lower back. I could not move very well, and when I did, the pain intensified. My hips tightened up.

I wondered, what did I do?

How bad was this?

Would I be able to present to hundreds of fitness professionals on Saturday, or would I have to call the organizers and let them know that I could not make it because of my back pain?

Plus, on Sunday, I was going on a 6-hour flight to Hawaii for the holidays.

I shuffled and hunched my way through the rest of the assessments. As I drove home in excruciating pain, I was trying to figure out what I could do.

When I got home, I called to book a time with the Chiropractor, but he was not available till next week, and I needed relief. Looking at the list of health professionals I knew about, I did not feel they could provide me with immediate relief.

I ate dinner and then began to lay on the floor and do a variety of movements and exercises.

Then I dug into my knowledge and experience on what I could do to help myself overcome my back pain flare-up.

After that, I began to do weird movements and funny exercises. Even my dog was wondering what I was doing.

I did various exercises targeting the low back, mid-back, core, and hips. After doing them, I started to feel better.

After doing the exercises, I went to bed.

When I woke up, I wondered how my back would feel. You know that feeling. You wake up, and your mind has woken up, but you have yet to move your body. I moved my back and was ready for the worst, but it was better. My pain had diminished by 30%, and I knew I was on to something.

I continued what I was doing for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.

By the time of my presentation on Saturday afternoon to hundreds of fitness professionals, I was feeling 80% better. I could do the display with minimal back pain and good movement.

The flight to Hawaii went well, especially when I did many equipment-free movements in my seat or the aisle. When I got to Hawaii, I jotted down what I did for my back, and it formed the basis of Low Back Pain Solved – What to do When a Lower Back Pain Flare Up Hits.

Low Back Pain Solved helped me deal with my back flare, and I gave it to several clients to help them out. Plus, I used the exercises twice when I flared up my back. Once, I shoveled snow, and the other time after performing a deadlift exercise.

If you want more details on the program, it is called Low Back Pain Solved:

Low Back Pain Solved

Rick Kaselj, MS