BEST Neck Pain Relief Exercise

BEST Neck Pain Relief Exercise

In this video, I wanted to go through the best neck pain relief exercise; the Chin Tuck.

BEST Neck Pain Relief Exercise

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I will get Andrea to demonstrate.

Sit down so that your back is not directly against the back rest. Sit upright, keeping that curve in your lower back and tightening your abdominals. Open your shoulders and keep your head in line with your shoulders. Now, bring your chin back, dipping your chin down and elongating the back of your head. It is a small movement.

Avoid some of the common mistakes that people make, like bringing the head back, tilting it a bit, dropping the chin, elongating the back of the head too much, or bringing the head straight back.

Chin Tuck

Chin Tuck

We are working on stretching out the back of the muscles in the back of the head and then also working on those deep neck muscles.

Do not overdue the number of repetitions, as you will irritate the neck muscles. Start off with five repetitions, holding the position for about one second. Then see how you feel. If it feels worse, make sure you are doing the technique correctly. If it feels better, then progress the exercise by increasing the hold to approximately 5 seconds. You can then progress on to ten repetitions, holding for five or ten seconds.

Give that exercise a go if you have neck pain and if you are looking for the best neck pain relief exercise.

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