Best Suntan Lotion

I made it to Maui.

It was a little crazy trying to entertain two kids under 5 for a six-hour flight. The people that sat in front of us were not impressed. (Sorry.)

We were on our way to Maui for my dad’s 70th birthday. 

My dad is a character.

I keep telling him that he should have his TV show.

He always has a point of view when it comes to health.

His point of view is a very unique mixture of Communist Eastern Europe, farm logic, shock health, and Dr. Oz.

This morning, he was letting me know about “the best suntan lotion.”

Since we were in Maui, he had an opinion on the best suntan lotion we should use on our sons.

Plus he had a transition sun-tanning plan we should use.

He has 70 years of experience, and in his opinion, the best suntan lotion he has used is ==> tank engine oil.

Yes, I did say, tank engine oil.

In 1964, my dad was in the communist army of Yugoslavia and when they were done fixing the tanks, the young guys would use the lubricating oil for a GM tank engine, to tan up.

Yes, imagine Tom Cruise from Top Gun, if he was a tank driver, lubing himself up with tank oil before he played a game of volleyball against the Iceman. 


If you got a line on “tank engine oil,” let me know.

I know, my dad cracks me up. I will have more stories about him over the next few days.

One thing that I was reading about when the kids had a nap was this:


It is a report that highlights the “dirty dozen food.

Today I worked on avoiding the “dirty dozen.”

You should check out the “dirty dozen” here:


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