BEST Yoga Pose For Your Back

I always get asked about yoga and back pain.

Yes, performing yoga once a week has a positive effect on back pain.

I want to go through in this video the BEST Yoga Pose for the Back. 

BEST Yoga Pose For Your Back

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Best best yoga pose for the back is:

Downward Dog into a Cobra Position

You start in a standing position.

You can see with Orsy her heels are on a rolled up mat. You can use a towel or a yoga block, and she is doing this because a lot of people don’t have the flexibility in their calves and their hamstrings in order to get into the downward dog position.

Downward Dog Position to Cobra

Downward Dog into a Cobra

Now Orsy is going to go from a standing position into a downward dog position.

She is bending at the hips and walking out with her hands.

She is in the downward dog position and then she is going to end up moving into the cobra position.

Then she is going to reverse from the cobra into the downward dog position.

It’s an excellent upper body exercise and a great flexibility exercise for the lower back.

Key things to remember:

  • Bend through the hips
  • Straighten the upper body
  • You need good range of motion in the wrists in order to do the exercise
  • You need good strength to control and move your full bodyweight

You can give that a go.

It’s an excellent yoga pose for the lower back.

Remember, you can utilize the mat, if you are really tight in the calf and the hamstrings.

Give that a go. Your back will be thankful.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Before I go, I want to say, there are some negatives things about yoga. I will do a blog post on it soon, but yoga might be good for your back but new research is showing that it can damage your hips. Watch for the article.