Bodyweight Pilates vs Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Pilates vs Bodyweight Exercises

I am down here in sunny San Diego at a Mastermind Meeting with Sylvia, and we kind of stepped out we are having lunch right now.

We were talking about Bodyweight Pilates so I asked her to step out from the lunch room, and we are going to talk a little bit about Bodyweight Pilates and how it can help you, the benefits of it and how it differs from other Bodyweight exercises.

So Sylvia, I will get you to introduce yourself.

Sylvia Favela: I’m Sylvia Favela and my program is 45 Day Pilates Meltdown.

What I do is I help men and women achieve greater fitness results with Pilates.

Now, the great thing about Pilates is that it helps with your workouts. It helps with your endurance and being able to get better results with your already regular workouts in the gym.

The best thing about Pilates is it’s a complex move but once you practice it over and over again you get a deeper understanding of the actual workouts. It never plateaus, a lot of times workouts they plateau but in Pilates it’s an ongoing practice and you tend to love it more and more each time.

Rick Kaselj: Maybe you can give us an example of a Bodyweight Pilates workout or exercise.

Sylvia Favela: As far as for the workout for example something for your abs, we are very used to doing some kind of crunches like let’s do about 100 or something, but what tends to happen is you kind of pull on the back of your neck and your alignment is completely off. Rather than actually focusing on the core you are actually misaligning your spine and that’s when you get the neck and the shoulder injuries happen.

But with Pilates with working the core you can then continue on to do other bodyweight movements. If your core is not strong it is not going to allow you to do other movements, you can try them but you won’t get the benefits in them and sometimes you will even hurt yourself.

Rick Kaselj: Yeah, it’s good. And like with Pilates it really helps you with that alignment side of things and working on that good alignment helps transfer over to your regular exercise program, because if you have better alignment you can lift more, you can work harder, and you are less likely to injure yourself, because the most common reason why people get injured in the gym is like bad technique and one aspect of that technique is good alignment of that body.

Sylvia Favela: And I see it too much where I do see people in the gym that their positioning is completely off and I can just say ‘oh they are going to be hurting tomorrow.’ But yes with Pilates that’s the best thing because it kind of deepens and strengthens the small intricate muscles that you normally don’t think about. All you think about are the main like the abs and we are just thinking like the 6 pack abs. Of course they are great to look at but we focus more on the deeper abs, the transverse abdominus that nobody really talks about together with your spine, your back and everything.

It’s a good foundation and it’s good to have because your workouts in the gym will be better and you will be more aware. It’s definitely body awareness and when you continue with Pilates when you are going to the gym you will find yourself holding yourself differently. You hold your abs and you can find yourself doing more reps.

Rick Kaselj: And that brings up a really good point because if you think of technique as increasing your awareness of your body and if you have better awareness you can work on better technique and you have better alignment and you could push yourself harder.

I have one more question for you, how does Bodyweight Pilates differ from all other bodyweight exercises out there?

Sylvia Favela: The difference with Bodyweight Pilates is it targets proper alignment and it targets proper form. There are so many different bodyweight movements, for example a push up is a straight bodyweight movement, however if I have you do a Pilates push up it’s a little different because of your position and your form.

And with Pilates it’s that because you are targeting certain muscles, the deep muscles, it is going to force you into a certain alignment that you probably never had.

Rick Kaselj: There’s a difference between working on your alignment to help with your performance compared to going out there and doing bodyweight exercise for a workout for athletic performance or for strength or for fat loss it ends up being different.

Sylvia Favela: Yes, it does. And it actually reduces injuries. That’s the biggest thing with Pilates and that’s the number one thing that people like a lot of my clients, they’ve been injured doing workouts in the gym with a lot of popular workouts out there.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Sylvia where can people get more information about yourself?

Sylvia Favela: You can find out more about the program by going here.


Rick Kaselj: Thank you very much for watching this video and thank you very much for joining us in sunny San Diego.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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