Boot Camp Marketing Superiority


A boot camp marketing guest post by Bedros Keuilian

In a recent survey conducted with over 50,000 fitness pros who owned or operated fitness boot camps, more than 60% reported an annual income of under $50,000.

The survey results were eye-opening and further prove that boot camp marketing is the determining factor for marketplace success.

The same survey showed that 82% of the fitness industry makes under $100K a year. Again eye-opening numbers because the fitness boot camp owners in the know are comfortably generating over $100K a year.

If you’re looking for better Bootcamp marketing tactics, this post will give you plenty of hope.

First off, you can’t blame your boot camp marketing issues on the economy. You and I both know that the economy will straighten out. It will never be like it was in the past. That was a false economy, built on a house of cards, destined to come crumbling down onto itself.

But it will get better. We’re seeing signs of the NEW economy emerging.

Good news for you is that a recession is like “natural selection” in the business world. Entrepreneurs who are weak or unorganized are eliminated. By positioning yourself for boot camp marketing supremacy, you become a position of power.

Your goal as a personal trainer or fat loss specialist is to become the only obvious choice in your area for anyone seeking such services. In our case, we have a rather specific niche. We are the experts for those people. We know who our target audience is.

What defines Market Superiority

Knowing who your ideal avatar is and where you can find them in your community is what defines market superiority.

  • where they shop
  • newspapers and publications they read
  • social or business groups do they hang out in
  • what businesses they frequent
  • and what their greatest pains are (fat loss, tight tone body, more confidence, energy?)
  • what their fitness and fat loss desires are
  • who their Facebook, Twitter, and linked-in social groups are
  • fan pages do they “like” mo” t
  • what are they searching for on google
  • radio stations do they listen to
  • what TV channels do they watch

Using the vehicles mentioned above, market superiority is able to reach your prospect and draw them to act. Creating an offer that gets your prospects to act is crucial. It is not sufficient to just build a large email list, but establishing a deep, genuine connection with that list is also essential. Establishing authority, credibility, and likeability with your list and your community results in TRUST, which is the number one reason why people buy from you. People will talk about your fitness boot camp and you in the community if you establish market superiority. You may establish market superiority by selling, answering inquiry calls, and answering emails. If you established market superiority today, what would it mean for your fitness or boot camp company? There are systems, scripts, and processes for retention, referral generation, and reactivation.

Boot Camp Marketing Idea

Imagine the market share that you’you’llinate and the security you’ll come in the new economy when more personal trainers or boot camps go into the industry.

That is power in the market space, and intelligent boot camp marketing strategies can help you take market share in your community.

Consider running social proof-driven, direct response ads in local publications that make low barrier – high-value offers.

Or you are penetrating the email list of local businesses who serve your ideal client, such as; tanning salons, day spas, and hair salons. A simple endorsed and irresistible offer to these lists will drive tons of traffic to your business.

Another brilliant boot camp marketing idea for you is to take pictures of people working out in your boot camps and then post them on Facebook and tag your clients. When their friends “like” or “comment on the photo, offer them a free week at your boot camp.

Be sure to capture the email address of all your clients, prospects, business associates, and even past clients. If you don’t have an email newsletter system, consider getting FitPro Newsletter and staying in constant contact with your list. And one of my favorite ways to quickly build your boot camp up is to make your house list.

Consistently deliver high-value content to them, build a solid relationship, and get them to know, like, and trust you. When you do this, you’ll see that you’you’reting steady streams of new clients.

Bedros Keuilian is a fitness marketing expert specializing in helping fitness boot camps grow their business to six figures.

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