6 Ways to Soothe Foot Pain

6 Ways to Soothe Foot Pain

February 24, 2020 Rick Kaselj

Don’t let foot pain get in the way of exercising, taking walks or other things that you do daily. The following six exercises and stretches are designed to help relieve any existing foot pain you […]

10 Dangers of Wearing High Heels

May 10, 2018 Rick Kaselj

Yes, those shoes are adorable! They make you look taller and slimmer, and they really dress up that outfit, don’t they? It just isn’t the same without those killer high heels! Of course, after a […]

7 Keys to Your Foot Health

January 8, 2015 Rick Kaselj

Total body health includes taking care of you feet too! If you think your feet are not important… THINK AGAIN! Feet need care too. This vital part of the body helps us get around by […]

7 Worst Shoes for Your Feet

January 8, 2015 Rick Kaselj

SHOES! We all wear these items. BUT… what are our shoes doing to our feet? Are the shoes you’re wearing good or bad for you? At least 75,000 miles can be accomplished by feet by the […]

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

May 14, 2010 Rick Kaselj

The Gait Cycle and Plantar Fascia Understanding the mechanics of the foot can help explain the development of plantar fasciitis.  Connecting the hind foot and the fore foot, the plantar fascia undergoes tension during gait […]