3 Exercises Your Client Should Be Doing if they Have Chronic Shoulder Subluxations

3 Exercises Your Client Should Be Doing if they Have Chronic Shoulder Subluxations

I am continuing with the exercises for a client with chronic shoulder subluxations.

Pam, a Kinesiologist, asked me for a few exercises that she could give her client, that has chronic shoulder subluxations. In the first shoulder subluxation video, I discussed what you need to address with the client before doing any exercises.   In the second video, I go through three exercises I would give a client with chronic shoulder subluxations.

3 Exercises Your Client Should Be Doing If They Have Chronic Shoulder Subluxations

A subluxation is an abnormal displacement of the bones in a joint. This means that the joint moves out of its normal position and can be painful. A shoulder subluxation is not uncommon and usually occurs due to overuse or trauma. The shoulder joint is very complex, involving many muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue. If you are dealing with chronic shoulder subluxations, here are three exercises that you should be doing to help treat your injury. shoulder injury exercise

1. Rolling Movement

Depending on what type of resistance the client can do, I can teach them how to exercise. This may include using a machine for pulleys, free weights, or some other form of resistance. One such example involves rowing movements to work on scapular retractors and rhomboids.

To keep your shoulders from becoming stiff and sore, it is essential to do shoulder-rolling movements every day. Shoulder rolling is a movement that stretches and mobilizes the shoulder joint. It can reduce stiffness or pain in the shoulder, especially after an injury. 

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket on the top of your arm. It consists of the humerus bone from your upper arm and the scapula bone from your back. The main job of your shoulder is to allow you to move your arm in every direction.

2. Depression 

Shoulder depression exercises are essential for a healthy shoulder joint. Subluxation of the shoulder is a condition in which the head of the upper arm bone (humeral head) moves out of its normal position at the front of the shoulder joint. To avoid other problems, it’s essential to maintain a good range of motion in your shoulder joint. This includes shoulder depression exercises that help to keep the socket stable and mobile. The following are some significant steps on how to do this exercise correctly, as well as tips for keeping your shoulders healthy!

3. Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an effective way to build muscle and stay in shape. It targets specific muscles and is an easy workout you can do anywhere.

Simple scaffolding workout for shoulders:

Lie face-up on the floor with your arms outstretched and parallel to the ground. While maintaining this position, raise and lower one arm while keeping the other.

P.S. – If you are interested in more exercise for shoulder injuries, I recommend attending the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder course.

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