Quick Fix for the Snapping or Popping in Your Hip

Today, I got a quick tip for you for that clicking or popping that happens at the front of your hip when you walk or lift your leg.

Enjoy the tip!

It is from a regular on EFI.

Rick Kaselj


Hey guys, Tyler here from GarageWarrior.com. This special guest video is for Rick Kaselj and all of you over at exercisesforinjuries.com.

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I want to teach you guys how to fix the hip click or the hip pop in the lying leg raise.

You guys might have experienced this before when you are lying down on the ground and you are doing yourself some lying leg raises and maybe your hands are down here and you lift your feet overhead and you come down and right as you come down here you go “pop” and you hear that pop right there in your hip. That’s a tendon slipping over the bone.

One of the things that I do with my clients to fix that hip pop is to make sure that everything is in its proper position.

Here are some of the things that I notice with the people that have this hip pop, which I used to have a hip pop and I fixed it on myself so you can definitely fix it at home if your are patient and you pay attention to the details.

Here is what it’s like.

#1 – Look at the Pelvis

First things’ first is that when people go down you can see their pelvic position change. You can see their pelvis rotate forward and backward. That’s the first mistake that you are making in that lying leg raise.

You have to make sure that your pelvis stays in one position. An easy way to do that is to put some pressure under your lower back with somebody else’s fingers or you can use a blood pressure cuff inflated halfway and watch the meter on the blood pressure cuff to make sure that you are putting pressure on that blood pressure cuff.

The goal is to keep your lower back pressed on the ground the whole time even if you just tap your heels and come back up.

If you feel your lower back come off even a little bit, you are not strong enough to go to the next level.

#2 – Look at the Thigh

Starts with your knees bent and really master that exercise where your pelvis and your lower back stay in one piece. Once you are able to do that and you are coming down that might have already fixed your hip click but just in case that it didn’t, one of the other things that I see is a lot of times people will emphasize their hip flexors by internally rotating their leg.

You will see clients pushing their legs together but their femur, their thigh bones are twisting in towards each other. And one of the easy ways to deactivate the hip flexors is to externally rotate the hips while you are still focusing on pelvic position.

It looks like this:


My legs are up. I am going to actually put my heels together but I am going to put my toes outward the whole time as I go through the leg raise. So they stay at that position with no hip click and the lower back is on the ground. You can see me shaking because this becomes significantly harder when you deactivate the hip flexors.

#3 – Most Important Thing to Do

Practice those two things. Pressing your lower back on the ground, keeping your pelvis welded to your lower back the entire time as you do this exercise. And if still clicks, you can just bend your knees and start working backwards from there very slowly gradually over time. And then number two is externally rotate your legs so you deactivate your hip flexors and wake up your hips there. Then number 3 is practice.

Hopefully those two things will fix your hip click in a lying leg raise.

Tyler Bramlett

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