Core Stability Weekend

It was a great Core Stability Weekend.

It was a lot of fun.

There was a lot of learning, knowledge and exercises exchanged.

People love that the courses are practical and hands on.

Have a look here:

I just got these kind words in an email:

“Hi Rick:  Thanks for the confirmation.  I wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed your workshops on Core Stability.  I really appreciated your teaching style in providing review of anatomy, building onto normal function and ROM and then going into abnormal function and finally a great deal about exercises for stabilization of those muscle sets.  I can see why you have so many repeat customers.  You really provide a much needed service for fitness professionals who want to expand and refresh their knowledge of body mechanics and who are not satisfied in staying stagnant in their field.  I also like attending the workshop with others in the Kinesiology field (e.g. students & professionals) as well as other fitness leaders.  I came away with a ‘wealth’ of information and new techniques.

Again, thanks so much,”
Tina Moore, CPT, RN

Okay, I just have to go out but I will continue this in a bit.

Rick Kaselj, MS