Training Mistakes that Lead to Injuries with Eric Cressey

You know my thing is injuries so I wanted to chat with someone on Training Mistakes that Lead to Injuries.

Eric Cressey agreed to share some amazing info with you on the topic.

Take it away, Eric.

(To listen to the interview, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the play button.  If you do not have time to listen to it right now, just click the “download” button and download it to your computer. Enjoy!)

In the interview, Eric shares with you:

  • Common training mistakes that lead to injuries and derail clients from reaching their goals
  • What to do about injuries when it relates to training
  • What the real question is that you should ask when it relates to an injury
  • Two categories of injured clients
  • Highlights the worst thing you can do for an injury
  • How to get an athlete or client back to activity or sport, fast
  • What effect nutrition and environment have on injuries and injury recovery
  • Importance of muscle imbalances when it relates to injury, rehabilitation, training and performance
  • Who Eric Cressey is
  • How to get an inside look into the programing design at Cressey Performance
  • Why he created the Show and Go program
  • Highlights of Show and Go review program
  • How Show and Go can be a great resource for health and fitness professionals

I want to let you know something about the interview.

You will hear Eric cut in and out.

We did the interview last Friday night.  He was heading out of town to see a boxing client who was having a match that night.

He was sitting in the passenger seat car while we were doing the interview and the reception was sometimes strong and sometimes weak during the call.

He is a trooper and stuck through the full interview in order to give you some great info.

Just a reminder, you will be hearing a lot about Eric’s Show and Go program this week.  Before you get it, make sure to take a look at my review of the program and how it will help you.

You can check out my Show and Go Review, here.

Plus, if you order the program through me, I will throw in a 90 Foam Rolling presentation that I did a few months back.

That is it.

I was looking and this was my 36th interview.

Very cool!

If you have an idea for an interview or someone I should interview, please do email me.

Take care and we will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS