Diet Free Weekends Review

Diet Free Weekends Review

A diet-free weekend sounds great, but it’s another thing to stress about. Are there any diet-free weekends that work for everyone, or is this just another case of ‘one size fits all?

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canada, and the family took advantage of it.

We headed for a family bike ride.

We drove about 30 minutes from our house and headed to Myra Canyon.

The canyon is famous for its 18 km section of the abandoned railway where you can go biking. The old railway bed leads over 18 trestle bridges and two tunnels.

It was incredible! Take a look…

Rick Kaselj Myra Canyon

The long weekend was a few days free from my work and my diet.

Please have a read below on what I did and used.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Some people cringe when they hear the word “diet,” and honestly, we can’t blame them because diets have been linked to foods that taste horrible and results that are quite frankly not realistic to achieve, especially for long-term, everyday living! Hence, the idea of a “Diet Free Weekend” is very appealing.

However, what is this Diet Free Weekends program, why should we care, what are the benefits of such a program, and how can we get on board with it? Let’s dig a little deeper and review some of the highlights of investing in this very intriguing program.

What is the Diet Free Weekends program?

Maintaining or improving our quality of life and eating healthy while engaging in diet-free weekends can be appealing. Described as “your escape from diet prison,” the Diet Free Weekends program was created by Mike and Sabrina Whitfield to let people take back control of their weekends and, of course, their lives! Like most families, the weekdays can be busy with routines, and a certain type of structure may develop. With such weekday structures, we can probably stick to certain diets and not have much time to deviate from eating better than we would during the weekends. When the weekend arrives… well, that’s a different story… because we find that we want to relax, have more family time, eat out at different places, and get that extra special family time during the weekend.

The bottom line is that you can still enjoy your favorite foods with friends and family every weekend! This is the guarantee that the Diet Free Weekends program provides.

What are the benefits of this program? Rather than simply using this program blindly, it can be useful to see what benefits it could have in store for us. It’s good to know what we’ll be getting and why we should expect to get it.

8 Reasons Why Diet Free Weekends Are Awesome!

1. It’s Not Just Another Diet Program

An instant appeal of the Diet Free Weekends program is that it is not just another diet program. On the contrary, it’s a “diet-free” program. Great!! Right?!! This is bound to make many people ask: “How do I sign up?” It is incredible to find a program that does not simply want to shove another diet down our throats.

2. Tried, Tweaked, and Tested TOO

The Diet, Free Weekends program has been tried, tweaked, and tested with Mike’s clients and the program creators for rolling it out. You are getting the best version of the program and can have confidence that this program has undergone testing to prove that it works.

3. It’s All About Nutrition and Being Medically Safe

The good news to consider as well regarding the Diet Free Weekends program is that it is all about your nutrition and your health. This is a health-conscious program that is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor. Instead, it supplements the information your doctor provides and helps you achieve that healthy balance of eating and living well.

Low Carb Diet

4. Encouragement Along The Way

It can be challenging starting a new program or getting on board with a new idea. However, you’ll get all the help you need to start and stay on track. Right at the beginning of the program, you are encouraged to”eliminate ALL doubt” You also know that others have been through the process, so there is a real-life experience to tap into. You’ll know that others have also walked the path you are walking on, and they did so successfully.

5. A Weekly Calorie Decrease Focus

 While diet programs focus on a daily calorie decrease, the Diet Free Weekends program focuses on a weekly calorie decrease. The key point in this idea of the weekly calorie decrease is that there are different ways to arrive at a destination. With specific tips and techniques you can use to get to the desired objective of reducing weekly calories, this program is certainly different in this regard because when we consider what is important in the end, it’s really about achieving the objectives of keeping our weight at a healthy level.

6. Tons of Meal Advice

You’ll get tons of advice regarding meals, what to eat and what you should avoid. Why should you avoid certain foods, and what foods may be touted as”health” but only really help you pack the pounds? Do you know that you also get daily meal guidelines or eating plans worked out for you? You will also receive guidelines on how many servings of specific food categories you should eat.

7. It Can fit In With Your Usual Exercise Routine

There are times when diets affect regular exercise routines. However, with the Diet Free Weekends program, you can incorporate your exercise routines into the program. You can also update the servings of food you consume based on how much exercise you accomplish. If you encounter difficulty during the program due to exercise commitments, you can make adjustments, such as including a protein shake to break one of the fasts in the program.

8. Get Program Updates and Supporting Material TOO

When you enroll in the program, you will receive a welcome email and support emails to help keep you updated, and these updates are completely free. You will have access to the Diet Free Weekends Quick Start Guide, which provides a chart telling you what to do daily, and the Diet Free Weekends Success Guide & Journal, which helps you track what you did and how you feel. Also, you’ll get access to The 4-day Detox, The Cheat Yourself Lean, and The Diet Free Weekends Supplement guides.

The Diet, Free Weekends program is here! You can now take advantage of this program and invest in your future. The program does include fasts. However, you can make adjustments along the way if you cannot always adhere to the program. You can eat lots and lots of vegetables too, and although veggies may not sound like fun, this certainly feels like the right path to be on!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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