Should I Stop or Continue Doing the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program?

This is the second Google Hangout that I have done. I wanted to answer a question from customer support relating to the Fix My Shoulder Pain program. You can get more information at about the product. This product can help you overcome shoulder pain, especially if you are a person who loves working out.

Fix My Shoulder Pain Program


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This question is from Marco. He has shoulder impingement on the right side and he is going to start physical therapy. He asked if he should he suspend or continue the program while he is getting physical therapy done.

In my opinion, you should continue using the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program. You are not going to do the whole program, but I feel that there are still parts of the program that will benefit you and complement what you are getting from the physical therapy. You can double check and confirm with your physical therapist, but I am very confident that the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program will still benefit you. For instance, when it comes to focusing on the technique side of things, make sure your technique is perfect when working out because it is the number one reason people end up injuring their shoulder or reinjuring their shoulder in the gym.

Also work on the breathing side of things, especially when it comes to the shoulder. Because of pain, people will breathe improperly or hold their breath and consequently have an imbalance in that shoulder. Breathing improperly makes that imbalance worse and slows down the recovery as well as increase the risk of re-injury.

When it comes to posture, highlighting and working on your posture is going to benefit your shoulder recovery and prevent re-injury. You can get more details in the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program when it comes to the specific self massage that I recommend for shoulder impingement.

So there you go Marco! Thank you very much for the question. Now, if you are a Fix My Shoulder Pain customer, I have a page where I have answered a lot of questions relating to Fix My Shoulder Pain. Make sure to visit the page. It has been emailed to you. If you have other questions for me, the best spot to ask is in the Exercises For Injuries Facebook secret group page. It is free for you if you have already received the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program. I jump in there every business day and I am answering questions.

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Rick Kaselj, MS