Don’t Make This Mistake When Planking

I wanted to do a follow up video to the 14 Point Checklist on how to do the Plank exercise.

Numerous people got back to me and commented on the video and the pictures in the blog post. And what I wanted to do was show the plank exercise from a different angle because from the video angle we had the camera in a higher position and it showed that Orsy’s back was really arched.

I wanted to show the from another angle and also get Orsy to go through it at a different time because when we were filming the other time it was well below freezing (Celsius) in the gym and she had been doing the plank exercise for 12 minutes.

As a side note, now what Orsy has is a 12 minute plank joke with her clients. If her clients are not listening or thinks the workout is too easy, she threatens them with the 12 minute plank.

Now lets get to things…

Common Mistake Made when Planking

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I will get Orsy to go through the plank and I will highlight the points again and show it from a different angle.

Also, I am going to add a 15th point that I didn’t mention when it came to the checklist which is also something you want to look at when someone is doing the plank.

Plank Position

Plank Position

Looking from the side, curve in her back is normal for her. She is strong through the mid back, her glutes were activated and she is in a nice straight line from the side looking at her head, shoulder, hips and the rest of her body. I am going to just highlight the points again, try to go through those 14 points.

You want to look at the following points:

  1. Head
  2. Neck
  3. Shoulder
  4. Elbow
  5. Wrist
  6. Mid back
  7. Shoulder blades
  8. Low back
  9. Core
  10. Hip
  11. Glutes
  12. Knee
  13. Ankle
  14. Foot

Now I wanted to go through the 15th point that I didn’t mention but I think is also important. Some people will shrug up in the shoulders.

Plank with Shrug up Shoulder

Plank with Shrug Up Shoulders

You want to make sure that people are relaxed in the neck and in the shoulder. You don’t want them to shrug up.

There you go. This is a follow up with that first video so definitely refer to it where I go into the 14 points in a lot more detail and now I showed you the plank from a different point of view.

Think about that 15th point where the shoulders are not shrugged up, they are relaxed or they are in neutral.

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