Dynamic Warm Up for Accelerated Results

Today, I have a great little dynamic warm up that you can do before your workout.

It will take about 5-minutes to do but it will help a lot when it comes to preventing injuries and increasing your results.

The dynamic warm up is from Jason Klein (You have seen him a number of times before on EFI.).

Now lets get to the dynamic warm up!

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey everybody this is Jason from Marine Body. I just wanted to show you this awesome short dynamic warm up for, you can do virtually for any workout.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube Video.

First what you are going to do is squat style or you can do what I am going to do a split squat style with a prisoner variation.

#1 – Split Squat/Prisoner Variation

I am going to do is in a split like the lunge, just a typical lunge. I am going to focus on squeezing my shoulders backwards and I am going to come down to 90 degrees and back up. Repeat this 15 reps on the right side and 15 on the left side.

Split Squat Style-Prisoner VariationSplit Squat/Prisoner Variation

Repeat this 15 reps, 15 on the left side, 15 on the right side.

Right after that you are going to go into the Duck Under Squat. This is really good for opening the hips up for any of your lateral movements, anything in multiple planes of motion.

#2 – Duck Under Squat

You are going to duck under a small door. Simple as that! You can see I am trying to open my hips up.

 Duck Under SquatDuck Under Squat

If you go 20, ten in both directions you will have a good warm up for the hip region.

#3 – Plank Position with Push-up

Right after that you are going to go into a plank position like you are going to do a push up.

Plank Position with Push UpPlank Position with Push-up

Time yourself 40 seconds in this position so 40 seconds here and then you are going to go into a 30 second half push up. Hold this position for 30 seconds at least. Then do 5 push ups, back to back  no rest, and hold for 30-40 seconds.

 After that you are going to go back into the split squat or you can have a Bulgarian style where your foot is on the shelf if you want. You are going to hold this,for 40 seconds. So you are going to time this split squat for 40 seconds with  posture.

Split Squat Bulgarian Style

Split Squat Bulgarian Style

You are going to go into a dynamic spider man lunge.

#4 – Dynamic Spider Man Lunge Left Side

Dynamic Spider Man LungeDynamic Spider Man Lunge – Left Side

So you are going to move your leg up all the way up and back. Do 15 of those on the same leg  and then you are going to switch and to your right side,40 seconds here, nice and relaxed.

#5 – Dynamic Spider Man Lunge Right Side

After 40 seconds you are going to go back into your spider man lunge for your right side. 15 of those which is a full body warm up, that’s a dynamic warm up.

Dynamic Spider Man Lunge Right SideDynamic Spider Man Lunge –  Right Side

Don’t hold the stretch for a longer period of time, it’s pretty easy to prove that static stretching like yoga stretches before exercise is going to fatigue the muscle, actually making you pull the muscle.

So, that is just an easy, quick example for you to do a dynamic warm up for each workout you do and I will see you guys very soon.

Jason Klein

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