Amanda McMurray – Practicing Kinesiologist, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises is a Fantastic course! I will be able to use a lot of the information in my role as a Kinesiologist.

Lower Back Spinal Fusion and Exercise is another informative course that will help me excel in my role as a Kinesiologist when I have clients with lower back spinal fusions.”

Lynn Kabaroff, MHK – Certified Kinesiologist, Kabaroff Kinetix, Sessional Instructor, Laurentian University, Sudbury, O

“After reviewing your Exercise Rehabilitation of the Rotator Cuff webinar with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, I have read many of your articles and blog postings. I also have sent my therapeutic exercise students to your Exercises For Injury website. It is full of great articles, blog posts, interviews and videos. Keep doing great work!”

Janine Roller

“In my third year of University at Simon Fraser University, I volunteered at Rick Kaselj’s Healing Through Movement course Introduction to Core Stability and Exercise Rehabilitation of the Hip and Knee. These were the first exercise rehabilitation courses I had taken outside of university. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the anatomy, mechanisms and rehabilitation techniques of common sports and workplace injuries. In addition, I learned how to communicate these exercises with clients as well as how to bring a client through a progressive set of exercises. Furthermore, the environment from the class was great and everyone worked together, networked and had a great time. I would recommend these courses to those interested in rehabilitation, training, personal athletics or involved in health care.”

Tommy Merth – M.Sc. Student, Simon Fraser University

“During my first year of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University I took both the Introduction to Core Stability and Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder courses with Rick Kaselj. These were my first exercise or rehabilitation courses. I was not sure what to expect going in but was told by several people that they were a great opportunity to become familiar with some of the more common injuries that I would see as a trainer. There was a good mix of people taking the courses and I didn’t feel out of place. The courses taught the specifics of shoulder and core exercises in much greater detail than was taught in my weight lifting instructor certification courses, and I continued to refer to the course materials for some time afterwards while working with clients. I would recommend these courses to anyone involved in personal training or rehabilitation, or to anyone considering getting involved as I was when I took the courses. Thanks again.”

Carl Cachia BSc PT, MSc Rehab – Physiotherapist, Toronto, ON, Canada

“As a PT working in the Sports Medicine field, this, by far, is one of the best investment I made in 2010. It provides a vast amount of knowledge and information from top-level specialists in the field. Definitely a Strong Buy!”

Pete Brown – Personal Trainer, FMS Certified, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

“Not long ago I was talking with an individual whom I consider to be in the elite crowd of fitness professionals.

At the time I was struggling to make sense of the array of information that is in this industry and all of the different assessments.

His reply was, “the best just don’t miss anything, take all of the information you can and add tools to your tool belt.”

I continue to seek out quality information and foster the critical thinking to know which tools to use along with how and when to use them.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is most definitely another tool to my belt. It is comprehensive and has everything from specific assessments to taking a new look at exercise and movement compensations.”

Greg Justice, MA – AYC Health & Fitness (Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center)

“As a 25+ year veteran of the personal training industry, I have worked with my share of clients with back injuries and spinal fusions. I can truly say that the Lumbar Spinal Fusion Exercise Program has given me a better understanding of spinal fusion surgeries and an exercise / rehab program with progressions that make sense. I look forward to using your system with my clients and will keep you up to date with their progression.”

Jody Kennett – Leap Fit Training Professionals

“The ‘Core Stability of the Hip’ webinar gives you a comprehensive, detailed, and progressive exercise program to use with your clients.

Rick’s knowledge on the topic and organized presentation helps you walk away with an excellent understanding of the content. I gained new insight and learned new tips that I can apply right away.

It was really beneficial to see the stages of exercises for clients depending on their level of hip stability.

Thank you for another great course on a very important topic!”

Annie Hewitt – Integral Fitness & Yoga

Rick, I wanted to thank you for all your blog posts, videos, articles and workshops that you run. Your information is a blessing for trainers (especially new ones) plus your courses are reasonably priced and affordable for most fitness professionals. Thank you so much.

Fiona Yeoman – Wellness trainer, Kinesiologist, Talisman Centre, Calgary

Thanks Rick! Always great to read your manuals though – I find them very thorough and I really like the progression that you write them in – anatomy, purpose of exercising, etc.

John Izzo – Personal Trainer

Rick Kaselj is a great exercise physiologist from Canada and a great presenter. His 3-disc DVD set Core Stability for the Rehab Client is a fantastic resource for trainers that work with anyone demonstrating postural deficiencies and post rehabilitative status.

Jenn Milne-Duddy – BCRPA Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor

“So far the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program has been very useful. I’m not a kineseology student, but I am a BCRPA personal trainer and have more recently been working with clients on rehabilitating their shoulder, back, hip and knee injuries.

The Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program has been great because I was already coming up with scapular stabilization exercises on my own and to come across your program has made my life much easier.

The client handouts have been wonderful, and my client’s doctor has had a ton of great things to say about her progress and how my (your) methods have been very effective!

I’m looking forward to getting into your Corrective Exercise for Injury-free Running webinar next, thanks!!!

Steve Payne – San Antonio, Texas, USA, Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor, Firestorm Fitcamps

“I found the Lumbar Spinal Fusion & Exercise webinar very thorough and to the point. Very specific “do’s and don’ts” on the subject, which is very beneficial and critical for me as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor.

I also found your webinar very simple to understand. You didn’t try to impress us with your knowledge by throwing in a bunch of $3 medical terms and words.

The information in the webinar confirmed a number of the things that I doing but I also learned a number of new value tips. I’m always a little leery about training an individual who is cleared from a doctor to participate in exercise post fusion, so this gives me more confidence in doing so.”

Wendy Cole – Personal Trainer, CPT/CES/AHFS, Avalon, California, USA, NOOMA- the Spirit of Training

“Rick, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for all you do in regards to your e-mails, blog posts and videos. I have gained so much insight and information from them!”

Peter Stangolis – Certified Kinesiologist, Toronto, ON

“As a Kinesiologist working in a physiotherapy clinic, I can apply the information that I learned in the Lumbar Fusion Exercise Program to post-op patients recovering from spinal surgery. The program increased my knowledge of spinal fusion surgeries and gave me exercise progression that I can use for clients recovering from spinal fusion.”

Ana Maria Covaser – Kinesiologist, Surrey, BC, Canada, BCAITK

“I want to thank you for keeping me posted with all the educational events that you have. Due to your emails and websites, I still can keep up to date with my passion for rehabilitation and exercise. I also watch all your YouTube videos and read your informative blog posts. Thank you so much.”

Pia Jmioff – Penticton, BC, Canada, Certified Exercise Physiologist

“The lower back spinal fusion and exercise webinar was very informative and it is wonderful to be able to get good education and information in such a convenient way. It’s also great to have the webinar on hand to review at a later date. It’s a quick and convenient way to keep up to date in our field. Thank You.”

Robert Gibb – CSEP – Certified Exercise Physiologist, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Human Movement Science

“I have been receiving your emails for a while and have found them very informative and always look forward to the next one.”

Shannon O’Gorman – Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach, Kelowna, BC

“Hey Rick, the Blackberry Workout you designed is so creative and fun. My studio is in a business building where 90% of the tenants have computer related jobs so this would be very helpful to get them moving and loosen up their tight, sedentary bodies!”

Tara Stevens – Personal Trainer, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

What fitness professionals say about the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder course:

“Excellent use of time. The information was delivered in a clear, concise manner. Rick made what could have been a complex concept easy to understand.”

Carlo Jalandoon – Kinfocus Rehabilitation, Kinesiologist / Rehab Assistant, Richmond, BC

“When I get a new client with an injury that I am not sure what exercises to give, I head over to Rick’s blog,

It often has the answer I am looking for plus it is full of tips and tricks that I can use to help my client that day.”

Peter Stangolis – Certified Kinesiologist, Toronto, ON

“My name is Peter Stangolis. I am a certified Kinesiologist from Toronto, Ontario currently working in a physiotherapy clinic. I came across your website about a year ago and have enjoyed the emails since. I signed up for a webinar on Exercise Rehabilitation of the Rotator Cuff and picked up some great information. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to future webinars.”

Tara Stevens – Personal Trainer, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“What fitness professionals say about the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Knee course:

“Great information in an understandable format.”

Scott Bennis – Langley, BC

“I had been working out at a local gym for some time and after getting into a car accident, I was advised to work with a kinesiologist to help repair and rebuild the strength in my shoulder. I was referred to one kinesiologist, who built me a good custom strength program, but I found my shoulder wasn’t healing properly and my muscles would tighten and push my shoulder out of place. The trainer referred me to Rick because of his history specifically dealing with shoulder injuries. Rick immediately had me stop the weight training and we focused on “small twitch” muscle repair. I was skeptical because I had never heard of these muscles and the exercises Rick suggested required light force and different angles of pressure, without the use of weights. After two weeks, I had a noticeable increase in my range of motion and my reoccurring muscle tightness started to decline. After two years of rehabilitation, I was finally making progress I was satisfied with. I would recommend Rick to anyone with hard to pinpoint and nagging upper body injuries, especially shoulder/rotator cuff and muscles that lead to the neck. I am very pleased with the results and I continue to work with Rick.”

Renée Reusz – Practicing Kinesiologist / Yoga Instructor, Maple Ridge, BC, In Balance Health and Fitness

“Keep up the great job with all the blog posts and course offerings. It helps a Practicing Kinesiologist like me stay connected with what is new in exercises and injuries.”

Jackie Harrison – BSc HK NS Certified Kinesiologist

“The webinars which Rick Kaselj has are very informative. He provides a lot of content in a very short time and always provides a copy of the webinar and pdfs when necessary. It is nice to have a copy of the webinar so that you can look back and refresh your mind at a later date. Thanks Rick…..wish there were more!”

Amanda McMurray – Practicing Kinesiologist

“I found Rick Kaselj’s “Exercises for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Overcoming Knee Injuries webinar” to be extremely interesting and informative. Rick’s thorough explanations, perfect pace and willingness to answer any questions really helped me to learn the material. I am confident that the ideas presented to me during the webinar will assist me in my role as a Kinesiologist.”

Jason Jablonski – Cycling and triathlon coach, Seattle, Washington, USA

“I was fortunate enough to listen to Rick Kaselj presentation on exercises to help create an injury free running program. As a cycling and triathlon coach who also works in a personal training facility I found the Corrective Exercise for Injury Free program that Rick presented extremely helpful. I have implemented it with a few of my running clients already and am seeing good results. I am excited to see what Rick has come up with for the Rotator cuff. Rick seams to have a great grasp on what is needed to make a program successful as well as easy to implement. I have a multitude of swimmers that I am sure will benefit from Ricks rotator cuff program as well as patients in the physical therapy facility.”

Naiana Naicu – Practicing Kinesiologist, Maple Ridge, BC

“Hi Rick! I found the scapular stabilization exercise program very organized, full of helpful information and the explanations were simple and to point. The handouts have been very useful for my clients, as well. Awesome job Rick!”

Jackie Harrison – BSc HK NS Certified Kinesiologist

“I think the Blackberry workout is great….for those people who aren’t seemingly able to put their blackberry down! I have to use it at one of the next meetings I attend where everyone has their blackberry sitting on the table.”

Jon Kawamoto – Strength Coach

“Rick has put together a great system for scapular stabilization. He clearly address the important muscle responsible for stabilizing the scapulae, has great drills on activating them and exercises that address each. He has also done a great job of delivering the material in a quick and easy fashion. I found the program easy to follow and easy to integrate into my client’s exercise programs.”

Paul K turner BHKIN CFSS CEP – Practicing Kinesiologist., Owner Three Peaks Kinesiology

“We have had the program for 1 week now and have given it to all of our shoulder and scapular stabilization clients. The cutting edge exercises in the program really help our clients by given them a take home program that is easy to understand and not overwhelming in the number of exercises. The videos are great to show clients if they do not understanding the exercises.

Our staff have loved the resources and it has given them a better understanding of what is need to increase stability in the scapular area.

This is an outstanding resource of information for beginners all the way up to highly experienced practitioners like myself who have 10 year in the industry. I learned a number of new techniques and was reintroduced to a couple of techniques as well.”

Stephen Boothman – Comox, BC, Massage Therapist

“I just got the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program. I have enjoyed all the videos, content and exercises that comes with the scapular stabilization exercise program. All of the material is great and I am look forward to getting my clients doing scapular stabilization exercises and improving their shoulder problems.”

Becky Williamson, M.S. – Exercise Physiologist and Master Fitness Trainer

“Rick Kaselj’s ‘Core Stability of The Back  should be required reading for every individual who suffers from back pain. Not only is it an excellent tutorial on the causes of back pain, it is a virtual encyclopedia of simple, yet very effective exercises that will strengthen your core, decrease your back pain and decrease your risk for future low back injury.

Casey Lefler – Personal Trainer, Vancouver, BC

“I have been dealing with Bicipital Tendonitis for just over a month now. I purchased the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program and have since added a couple of the exercises to my own program. I feel like I have greater control over and improved movement of my scapula. I’m getting better! I have also already introduced a number of the scapular stabilization exercises with several of my clients in order to increase their awareness of scapular movement. I like my clients to understand how our muscles move the joints that allow us to exercise and this program helps make those connections even clearer!”

Julie Beenham – BCRPA Personal Trainer, White Rock, BC, Canada, Julie Beenham’s Fitness Solutions

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the shoulder course that you put on yesterday. There was so much useable information. I have been to other shoulder courses and while I’ve enjoyed them, I think I got the most value for my money from your course. Thank you.”

Micheline Gauthier – Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor, Vancouver, BC

“Rick, I have been reading your Exercises for Injuries blog for a long time. I just wanted to email you and thank you for all that great information you so diligently keep putting out to fitness professionals! I read all your blog posts, watch all your video clips and like to share them with my students and clients – very helpful stuff!”

Andrew Heming MS, CSCS – Instructor of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University College of the Fraser Valley

“I recently had Rick Kaselj in to speak to my Kinesiology class at UCFV. My class is a first-year introduction to kinesiology class. I knew Rick was actively involved in the kinesiology field in the area of exercise rehabilitation and I was thrilled for the opportunity to have him share his exciting career and experiences with my students.

Rick did an excellent job telling my student about his exciting career and adventure travel experiences. He is an excellent presenter who is very poised when speaking in front of a group. His power-point presentation was an excellent visual aid (with some fun auditory additions) to compliment his speaking. Rick’s passion for exercise rehabilitation and his love for travel where inspiring and I am thankful for the opportunity to have him speak to my class. I look forward to having him back next semester. Thanks Rick!”

Brian and Nicole Yamanaka – Owners and Kinesiologists – Le Physique Personal Training, Vancouver, B.C.

“We have been subscribers to Rick’s newsletters and courses for at least the past 8 years. His articles are relevant and they provide great information for not only our clients, but they also double as training tools for our staff. As experienced Kinesiologists and business owners, Rick provides our industry with the valuable service of continuing education in a range of stimulating topics. We are able to find courses that interest and challenge us, AND recommend relevant and applicable ones to new trainers. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a fantastic resource at our fingertips. Keep up the great work Rick – Thank you.”

Marina Boons – Personal trainer, Pilates Instructor, Bootcamp Leader, Abbotsford, B.C.

“I bought Rick’s Core Stability of the Back book and have found it helpful for my client’s lower back. I believe what is in the books so much that I gave the book and DVD to my boss so she could follow Rick’s program, to help her reach a pain-free back.”

Anna Haltrecht – Feldenkrais Practitioner – Bones for Life Trainer – Sounder Sleep Teacher, Salt Spring Island, B.C.Anna Haltrecht – Feldenkrais Practitioner – Bones for Life Trainer – Sounder Sleep Teacher, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

“I bought Rick Kaselj’s Core Stability of the Back book and have found it very useful for myself, family and students. The anatomical explanations are clear and explain the core stability muscles in an easy to understand way.”

Catherine Stubbington – FloMotion Fitness and Yoga Studio, White Rock, B.C.

“I purchased Rick’s book “How To Save Money on Fitness Equipment” at a crucial time in my business, I was about to open my own personal training and yoga studio and I needed to buy fitness equipment. Rick’s book was like a mentor leaning over my shoulder guiding me through my business purchasing decisions. Rick covered all the areas of purchasing including finding the best quality at the best prices. He also covers the dilemma of the rising Canadian dollar and explains why Canadians are paying more for fitness products than our American counterparts. An easy, informative, read with helpful resources. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to purchase fitness equipment, especially for those looking to start their own studio. Great job, thanks Rick!”

Lois Todd-Bresnick – Personal Trainer and Fitness Supervisor, Surrey, B.C.

Rick Kaselj publishes a monthly Fitness and Rehab Newsletter which is an extremely informative tool for the Fitness Professional. This newsletter provides the latest information for personal trainers and for fitness enthusiasts who need cutting edge information in all aspects of the health and wellness field, including designing programs for everyday athletes, elite athletes, injury rehab and injury prevention. I subscribe to this newsletter and am confident that I am getting the latest information in the Health and Wellness Field. Thanks for the information, Rick!”

Barb Tymusko – BC Transit Fitness & Lifestyle Centres Society, Victoria, B.C.

“Rick Kaselj delivers quality newsletters and is an excellent presenter/educator. Definitely subscribe to both Rick’s Fitness & Rehabilitation Newsletter and Health, Fitness & Travel Newsletter. I have attended one of Rick’s workshops and I recommend you do the same.”

Janice Domingo – BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer

“I just wanted to thank you for your newsletters. I look forward to it and read it as soon as it arrives. I find very informative and would definitely love to continue receiving it. Many of the articles I forward to my clients and they enjoy them. It is great having colleagues such as yourself in the fitness and rehabilitation industry.”

Marina Boons – Personal trainer, Pilates Instructor, Bootcamp Leader, Abbotsford, B.C.

“I have taken a number of Rick’s Exercise Rehabilitation courses and have used it with my Pilates clients. What I have learned from Rick’s courses has let my clients to say that I teach Pilates like no one else and that is because I uses many of the ideas and exercises from Rick’s courses in my Pilates classes.”

Cheris Samuels-Murdoch, MEd, BKines. – Recreation Programmer, Prince George, B.C.

“I just got the Core Stability of the Back book. I have read it and was great. The book is a resource that I will use for my clients and resource that my staff will use when they want to have deeper understand of the core in an easy to read format. Thank you so much Rick.”

Vicki W – Secretary, Langley, B.C.

“Just want to say how pleased I was with my one-on-one with Rick yesterday. He really knows his stuff, and was easy to work with and understand. I’m looking forward to continuing on with the program he set-up for me – with the focus on my “wing” shoulder.”

Andrew Wong – Medical Student, Vancouver, B.C.

“I took the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder with Rick Kaselj course after my first year of post-secondary studies. Going into the class, I must admit that I felt a bit intimidated knowing that I would be the only student among a number of practicing kinesiologists. Once I stepped in the door, however, I was relieved of any uneasiness. Everyone was friendly and Rick did a great job of making me feel comfortable. As a first year student, this course did a great job of prepping me for what was to come in my degree and, most importantly, provided me with the confidence to perform in future classes, jobs and interviews.”

Sylvia Gertsch – Progressive Pilates Centre, Squamish, B.C.

“Rick Kaselj did an excellent job with the Most Effective Exercises for Scoliosis manual. It was full of very informative facts and exercises. I will be able to use my learnings in my Pilates and Personal Training instruction. Many of my clients have some degree of scoliosis, and this information will allow me to better serve them”.

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