Audal AcostaAudal Acosta

“My life before Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days program was very painful. I play sports and could barely walk for 2 days and getting out of bed is also very painful. I used the 90 second pain relief alone and it helped relieve the pain right away and after playing sports I feel better and the pain is not as intense.

I thought I would just have to retire due to foot pain, but I now see there is hope with your program it has helped me a lot.”

Daniel Alcorn – Physical Therapist, Arlington VA, USADaniel Alcorn – Physical Therapist, Arlington VA, USA

“Before Ruthless Mobility I was a breath-holding monster. I did not place enough emphasis on performing diaphragmatic breathing through full ranges of motion to optimize mobility. Now after using Ruthless Mobility, I am preaching the gospel of breathe, breathe, breathe! I learned the use of breathing to enhance quality of movement and cueing for appropriate breathing. Ruthless Mobility is a phenomenal overview on the principles of mobility. Dean does a great job of relating the information to all levels of learning/professional background and provides you with strategies to immediately implement into your programming. It gave me a better understanding of the principles of the mobility and stability spectrum.”

Edward Kosiewicz

“The best thing about Fixing Tight Hip Flexors is your initial presentation, it gives more than adequate description of the problem. I showed the summary exercise (phase 1 ) to my chiropractor and massage therapist, they were in agreement with the exercises and impressed enough to copy your internet reference.”

Len Yamauchi

“The best thing about Fixing Tight Hip Flexors is the relief of lower back tightness. The video presentation is detailed. Also, the progression exercises are great as you progress.”

Eileen M.

“The best thing about Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Program is the videos. I am a visual learner so it’s the only way for me to benefit from it. It is a great “do-it-yourself” program for a self-starter. You need self discipline to actually do it but everything you need is in this program at a much less cost.” Thanks

B. Robert Young – Pharmacist, Boston, MA, USAB. Robert Young – Pharmacist, Boston, MA, USA

“There were specific exercises in Ruthless Mobility that were excellent and I could feel a change after the first session. It gives me an impression that if I continue doing them, I will have positive long lasting outcomes. I would say the videos helped me especially for my upper body.”

Jay W. – Photographer, Adelaide, Australia

“I like being told exactly what each exercise is doing for my back. It makes me want to do them more when I know what affect it will have on me rather than just “do this because I said” which I find best in this Sacroiliac Pain Solution Program. Also, the fact that you put the responsibility on me before I even start, it prepares me mentally. Same with how you say to do things in order. I’ve (once or twice) tried just doing random things out of order and it definitely makes a difference what goes first. I felt good after doing the program, my hips felt quite free and my movement quality increased. It hasn’t been long since I started though, so yet to see whether I’m going to make a complete recovery.” Loving it so far! Regards,

Chris Pendleton – Personal Trainer, Haverhill, MA, USAChris Pendleton – Personal Trainer, Haverhill, MA, USA

“The Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition provided me with additional outside the box information related to upper body specifically the shoulder area. Some of the videos address specific shoulder dysfunctions that I can use to help better assist my clients.”

Marco Battaglia – Master of Martial Arts, Brindisi, Italy

“The best thing about the Meniscus Tear Solution Program is the explanation of the exercises which is very detailed. I think it is impossible to do mistakes in practicing those exercises. All the photos, videos and instructions are very clear as well. Meniscus Tear Solution is a progressive program. It explains what is meniscus and a meniscus tear. It shows step by step exercises that help rehab a meniscus tear.” Thanks,

Randy Spiering

“The best thing about the Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Program is it is easy to follow and does not take up too much time. I would describe it as an effective program that seems to reduce the discomfort in my foot, using primarily stretching techniques.”

B. Robert Young – Pharmacist Boston, MA, USAB. Robert Young – Pharmacist Boston, MA, USA

“The best thing about the Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise Program is it’s a short easy to follow program. I’m not a fitness professional but to anyone who has shoulder problems, I would recommend adding this to your program. I use parts of Fix My Shoulder Pain program together with this program. I had rotator cuff surgery and while rehab is slow I’m hoping these programs help me heal faster.”

Willow Neilson – Writer / Composer / Saxophonist / EducatorWillow Neilson – Writer / Composer / Saxophonist / Educator

“I want to start by saying thank you for your videos on shoulder injury rehabilitation. I injured my shoulder weight lifting but it was probably accumulative due to years of playing saxophone with it’s heavy weight around my neck.

I wish I had just spent the $40 on your video before spending the hundreds of dollars on physiotherapy because I got the same thing from Fix My Shoulder Pain but got a bunch of extras in your video that actually sped recovery. I still do your exercises.”

Michael G. Matz – Strength Coach at Next Level Athletic Development, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USAMichael G. Matz – Strength Coach at Next Level Athletic Development, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

“With Ruthless Mobility, I gained deeper understanding about breathing and how important it is to unlock your body towards greater mobility.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will recommend it to others looking for CEUs.”

Lori B. Havas – Owner/Instructor Flexible Seniors, Personal Trainer ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, Eugene, OR, USA

“I am a personal trainer and I train mostly older adults and those rehabbing from injuries. Ruthless Mobility has opened my eyes to incorporate more breathing exercises with these folks and I have been seeing great improvements. I write my programs with more efficiency after watching Ruthless Mobility. I like the variety of the breathing exercises in this program. I would describe Ruthless Mobility as step by step training to focus on mobility rather than flexibility. It is training mobility to bring about stability to train for strength.”

Thank you so much!

Fabrizio Vittorio De Nardis – Fitness Instructor, Teramo, ItalyFabrizio Vittorio De Nardis – Fitness Instructor, Teramo, Italy

“In the past couple of years, I suffered a little bit of low back pain and I had tight hip flexors. Now, after using the techniques in Ruthless Mobility for a month, I have no more back pain and I can do better squats.

Moving better makes me feel great. I really appreciate the way Dean explained things in this seminar, he is very knowledgeable. It’s wonderful learning new stuff from him. I highly recommend Ruthless Mobility to all who wants to be and feel better!

Thanks Rick for Ruthless Mobility, it’s amazing!”

David Howington, CSCS – Performance Trainer, Impact @ IBJI, Mundelein, IL, USADavid Howington, CSCS – Performance Trainer, Impact @ IBJI, Mundelein, IL, USA

“My life before Ruthless Mobility was okay, but I wasn’t able to help my clients be at their best. After using Ruthless Mobility I’ve expanded not just my clients training but my own training extensively.

The best thing about Ruthless Mobility was just the knowledge bombs dean gives on everything. I would describe it as a great resource to help you expand your knowledge on the movement paradigm.”

Martha Christine Head – Cert. Personal Trainer, Specializing in Senior strength, balance and mobility, New Hope, MN USAMartha Christine Head – Cert. Personal Trainer, Specializing in Senior strength, balance and mobility, New Hope, MN USA

“I have struggled with hip for years. I also have many clients with hip issues and it seemed that no matter what we did nothing help. I focused on strengthening not mobility.

Now after using the Ruthless Mobility program, I see a significant improvement in the mobility of myself and my clients and the pain is going away. It seems like we are putting the hip back in line for healing. Dean did a good job describing the exercises and how to do them.”

Thank you.

Hayley Partington – Personal Trainer, Invermere, British ColumbiaHayley Partington – Personal Trainer, Invermere, British Columbia

“The best thing about Ruthless Mobility is the step-by-step process on how to progress with clients for each segment of the seminar.

It is a great online seminar for any personal trainer wanting to improve their understanding of mobility training.”

Jaroslaw Lowicki – Professional Table Tennis Coach, Fevik, NorwayJaroslaw Lowicki – Professional Table Tennis Coach, Fevik, Norway

“I like very much the Ruthless Mobility product. Dean is a very wise lecturer. He has big knowledge and good understanding of what he is speaking about.

Ruthless Mobility program is a must. If mobility is your concern then Ruthless Mobility lectures are ones you were looking for. Do not hesitate.”

Philip O. – Managing Director, Hamburg / Germany

“The best thing about the Meniscus Tear Solution program is the complete approach to the variety of muscles involved. The slow start and than the gradual increases seems to work well. Most videos are very clear to make the exercises right. The background information is good and complete. Thanks for the great program!”

Keren Persen – Physical Education teacher, Abu Dhabi

“The best thing about Sacroiliac Pain Solution Program is the information on the joint plus all of the exercises in video and PDF format with easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. It has a wide range of exercises with clear pictures, key points and instructional video.”

Chris Pendleton – Personal Trainer, Haverhill, MA, USAChris Pendleton – Personal Trainer, Haverhill, MA, USA

“The content of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Lower Body Edition program will help me identify and address many of the lower body imbalances I see when assessing clients. I have gained a better understanding of the various muscular imbalances relating to the lower body. In addition, the course opened up my eyes to numerous concerns related to the lower body.”

Rich DeMarco – IT Professional, Stoneham, MA, USARich DeMarco – IT Professional, Stoneham, MA, USA

“The best thing about the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program is the fact that it walks you through the exercises, both via the video presentation and the documentation. I like the mix as sometimes you need both to truly figure out how to do the exercises properly to get the most out of them. I would describe the video presentation and exercise program to another user as being highly beneficial if you want to put in the work. As a person who also has used your “Fix My Shoulder Pain” program, I can honestly say that if you work hard and are dedicated to it and continue to use it, the program does work. It was very beneficial.”

Dana Love – Oakville, Ontario

“The best things about the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution Program are the following: the “self-assessment/self-diagnosis” videos to help determine if in fact tennis elbow problem; the comprehensive and detailed info describing what tennis elbow is; and the videos for the exercises/recommendations on how to help rehabilitate the condition. It is a good source of understanding what tennis elbow is, its symptoms and diagnosis, with decent recommendations on how to rehabilitate it. The content is easy to understand and the recommendations are easy to follow. Video instructions are very helpful. Thanks for the program, much appreciated!”

James Brague – Tax Services, Montoursville, PA, USA

“Best thing about the Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Program is that it explains what plantar fasciitis is and an understanding of the foot structure. I also like the systematic approach of exercising at three different levels to rehabilitate and then prevention maintenance. I would tell them it is a good program to understand plantar fasciitis, rehabilitate and prevent further occurrences.”

Jorge Roberto (Lawyer) & Cristiane Oliveira (Physiotherapist) – Porto Alegre, RS BrazilJorge Roberto (Lawyer) & Cristiane Oliveira (Physiotherapist) – Porto Alegre, RS Brazil

“The best thing about the Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise program is the diversity of formats and sources for study material. We also really appreciated the images and graphic content of the webinar material. Basically we would say the webinar and exercise program is very informative, overall being a great program for physiotherapists working with prevention and/or rehabilitation of athletes (which is our case).When I say “we”, I am referring to my wife. She is a physiotherapist working with Tennis athletes, and I am just the husband who happens to speak English, which means I am assisting her with the translations. As a Lawyer, I think I’ve learned A LOT about scapular stabilization these days. Thank you!” Regards from Brazil.

Jessica Fietze – San Diego, CA, USA

“The best thing about the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program is being able to download everything. I printed out the PDF and put it into a binder so I can have it with me while I am doing the exercises. After watching the videos and can now just look at the pictures and know exactly what to do. I love not having to go to physical therapy. I can do this in my own home on my own schedule. I have described the program to my co-workers as very professional. I tell them that you describe in detail the problem that is going on and explain how to fix it. I explained that I had previously done a lot of research online looking for help, but this is the first time that was convincing. I liked how you explain that you need the massage, stretching and the strengthening to make this work and that it needs to be done in a certain order and that it takes about 12 weeks. I have done all of the exercises and stretches before, but never all together or in a certain order. Looking forward to the next few weeks to see how I progress.” Thank you,

Kim Whisson – Pilates Instructor, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australian

“I think the best part about the Core Stability of the Hip program is that watching a video is so much more engaging than text only and you managed to get the message across clearly. I could listen to information on hip stability forever! Such an interesting topic. I would tell them to check it out because it clearly explains the purpose of those deeper stabilizer muscles and how easy it is to neglect them – both as a client in their every day activities and as a fitness professional in our programming.” Cheers,

Joe Burks – Nurse, Nashville, TN, USA

“The best thing about Fixing Elbow Pain is now I am free of elbow pain. If you can not rehab your elbow, you need this product. It has the answer for any elbow problem short of one needing surgical repair.”

Larry Pierce – Retired Electrical Engineer, Pennsylvania, USA

“I liked the Achilles Tendinitis Exercise program. There are many more exercises than my foot doctor gave me especially the balance and massage ones. I also like the different levels. I would describe to someone as the program as a comprehension exercise program for Achilles Tendinitis.”

Terry Farrell – Head Coach of Men’s Tennis Team, Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois, USATerry Farrell – Head Coach of Men’s Tennis Team, Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois, USA

“The best thing with Hamstring Injury Solved program is its comprehensive nature of solution. I like the videos as well. It’s an inexpensive and thorough program.”

Reid Slaughter – Retired Electrical Engineer, Woodland Park, CO, USAReid Slaughter – Retired Electrical Engineer, Woodland Park, CO, USA

“The best thing about the Achilles Tendinitis Exercise Program is that it has eased up my Achilles pain and stiffness. It focuses right on my Achilles problem and has started to ease my pain. I’m looking forward to getting back to threshold sprints as part of my exercise program.

John Baktis – Sound Editor for Cartoons, Toronto, Canada

“The best thing about the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution Program is the detail. I really got a full understanding about anatomy, function of the muscles and tendons, what happens to all that when injured, and how the exercises will benefit the structure of the elbow and forearm, and even the attached shoulder structure (the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone idea.) In short, the detail gives a full understanding of everything. I find that useful. I can see what’s happening. The detailed exercise program with accompanying photos and text and videos were excellent and clear and easy to follow. I would describe the program as detailed, easy to follow and understand, and complete. I am getting a lot out of the program.” Thanks,

Alejandro Pichersky – Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAlejandro Pichersky – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Just wanted to let you know that I think your Fixing Elbow Pain program is great. I had a golfer elbow issue a few month ago, I didn’t want to stop training so I started to implement the first few steps (massage and stretching) while also applying ice/cold throughout the day, and if I’m not mistaken in about 4-6 weeks it was gone.” Thanks.

Johana Carter – NASM CPTJohana Carter – NASM CPT

“I found the Lumbar Spinal Fusion Exercise program very informative, not only the process of the surgery, but especially the fact that many fusion surgeries are not successful. The accompanying web sites where to find information. The progressions for the exercises.

To a fitness professional it is informative describing how the surgery is performed. The knowledge they could share with their clients before surgery will be helpful in making the decision on having the surgery and after how to go about performing the exercises in a safe way.

To another person, starting with the exercise resistance tubing is very practical to start before venturing into a gym setting. The techniques and tips in explaining how to do the exercises is very thorough and easy to follow. The fact that all the stages can be done at home with slight modifications. What not to do as exercises.”

Haris Assargiotakis – Electronic Engineer, Athens, GreeceHaris Assargiotakis – Electronic Engineer, Athens, Greece

“I think my life is better after using the program of Fixing Elbow Pain because for me it is very important to have good physical condition. My job as an electronic engineer overloads my elbow (screwing & unscrewing) and also my hobbies like climbing and cycling discomfort my arms. After six months, my elbows are though not 100% good like before but I have a big improvement. ? would say that it is a very effective recovery program. It is easy to practice without spending a lot of money.”

Girard Guillaume – Montreal, Canada

“The best thing about the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program is the simple exercises. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment and can be done within 1 hour. I feel like the exercises are easy to do and do not require a lot of strength. It’s a professional product that worth trying and that could bring a solution to the problem.”

B. Robert Young – Pharmacist, Boston, MA, USAB. Robert Young – Pharmacist, Boston, MA, USA

“It took a lot longer for my elbow to improve but then I found out that I had a torn rotator cuff which delayed healing. I think this Fixing Elbow Pain book helped me tremendously. If you play tennis or any racket sport, do these before each game and afterwards. I have used your other books and I really appreciate them. I have recommended your shoulder and back book to others. I explain that your books are very thorough and up to date as they include videos which helps with some of the stretches . I remind people that your problem didn’t occur overnight so don’t expect to heal overnight. But, in time, you’ll be much better.”

Mark Rayner – I.T, Haywards Heath, EnglandMark Rayner – I.T, Haywards Heath, England

“The best thing about the Sacroiliac Pain Solution Program is I find the exercise PDF very useful. The 2 pictures per exercise remind you how to perform the exercise, sometimes you don’t even need to review the vimeo video.

I’d say it’s well worth the money, and very progressive, but only use it after seeing a physio or doctor first.”

Michael Paul Banyar, Sheri and Tracy!

“I love your passion brother for what and how you teach your Wellness training and corrective exercises! You are a real true value to our business!

I learn something new from you all the time!”

Terry Leahy – Remedial Massage Therapist and Sports Trainer, Bywong, NSW. Australia

“The best thing about Foam Roller Essentials is the actual demonstrations of usage for different body parts.

Overall, I found the videos very informative and helpful with some excellent demonstrations.”

Tammy D. Jones – IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, “The Next Level”, Cape Coral, Fla., USATammy D. Jones – IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, “The Next Level”, Cape Coral, Fla., USA

“I felt the overwhelming need to let you know that my shoulder is 100% better after doing the program from start to finish. It’s as if nothing were ever wrong to begin with. I am so thankful to you. I was really scared there for a while. Thought my career was over, that I might need surgery because the pain kept getting progressively worse.

For what we do, I couldn’t stop training so I just kept working around the pain and dealing with it as best as I could. I thought stretches were key so I dialed in on them, to no avail. I tried laying off shoulder training for a bit. Still nothing. Not even ibuprofen was working for me anymore. At first I was apprehensive about paying for information when there is a sea of free advice and knowledge on the web. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even lift my arm, so I bought the program and here I am.

I can honestly say I watched your videos from start to finish, every one of them and then immediately went to work. While watching them I just knew I was going to be ok. The videos were very reassuring and comprehensive. They were easy to follow and very well organized. I was so happy I was in tears. Within a few days I had hope as the pain started to ease off a bit- I cant believe I had gone so long with the pain when it could have been alleviated in a matter of days.

I religiously adhered to every word you said and worked diligently on the exercises, stretches, self massage and hanging. I wish now I had recorded the progress daily so I could state just how long it took to recover- but it surely was not long at all. I bought the Fix My Shoulder Pain program on 1 January, and not even 2-3 weeks later I am completely functional.

WOW. No pain at all, whatsoever. All that time spent worrying and losing sleep and being uncomfortable and all the PAIN.

I am a definite believer and follower of yours forever! Being a professional bodybuilder, as I know you know, I put so much stress on my body daily. And have done so for years now. As I get older, I am learning more balance. And you have definitely shown me great things. I have learned so much from you and I will continue to purchase your programs just for the sake of learning.”


Jeff Millet – Owner / Coach, Northcore Performance Training, Seattle, WA, USAJeff Millet – Owner / Coach, Northcore Performance Training, Seattle, WA, USA

“MIR has given me new insight for assessing and correcting imbalances. The information is easy to follow and comprehensive in application. A great tool in the box.”

Ryan Ward – Chief Information Security Officer, Milwaukee, WI, USARyan Ward – Chief Information Security Officer, Milwaukee, WI, USA

The program is very easy to follow and provides great structure to solving Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. After reading through the full presentation, I had a full grasp of the underlying problem.

The videos are clear on how to perform each exercise/stretch, and I really appreciate quick cheat sheet of all the exercises. I printed that off and use it as my guide.

Per Kjellgren – Software Developer, Karlskrona SwedenPer Kjellgren – Software Developer, Karlskrona Sweden

“The best thing about the Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise Program is its simplicity. I like the idea of a small workout program that you can start with right away.

I would describe it to be a simple and efficient program that is easy to start doing”

Wes Harper – Industrial Sales, Atlanta, GA, USAWes Harper – Industrial Sales, Atlanta, GA, USA

“I’ve been following the Fix My Shoulder Pain program almost exactly for about 2 weeks now and have definitely seen some good results. I did not have my shoulder issue professionally assessed, but have had pain and tightness in the triceps region and along the medial portion of the left shoulder blade for about 5 months. While the program hasn’t solved the problem, it has certainly helped.”


Patricia Irwin – Physiotherapist, Prince Albert, Sk, USA

“I liked the specific exercises designed for each muscle grouping and that they were very easy for clients to do. I describe the Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise as a straight forward, easy to follow, and effective way to stabilize the shoulder complex and then you can begin to build the shoulder muscles. Thanks it was very helpful!”

Christine Alfano – Personal Trainer, Columbia, MD, USA

I use a lot of mobility drills and exercises already but with Ruthless Mobility I learned new drills to add to my repertoire and to use for my clients. I gained some different perspectives regarding mobility.

Patrick Keenan – Financial Consultant, San Diego, CA, USAPatrick Keenan – Financial Consultant, San Diego, CA, USA

The Plantar Fasciitis or Foot Pain Program has valuable points such as proper stretching. The ebook contains good ideas & suggestions if you are self-motivated enough to execute the prescribed program.

Chad Bower – Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fallston Maryland, USAChad Bower – Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fallston Maryland, USA

“It has a lot of gold nuggets”

“The Ruthless Mobility course reaffirmed the current strategies I am using as well as provided a number of new tools to apply. It has a lot of gold nuggets.”

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