Peg Chatham – Martinez, CA, USA

Fourteen years ago, I was told by doctors I had 3 years at best before the need of a wheelchair. My discs were pretty much gone and the few that remained were bulged. I was in so much pain and was told there was nothing they could do for me other than drugs to take the edge off.Then 3 days ago, my faith was rewarded. You sent the info for the Balance Training Handbook. I purchased the program and started it right then and there. I was able to do all of it. The hardest one was the sitting squat but I did do it and did not hurt myself. I was so elated.

Finally, you found the way to help me. I could not wait to try them again the next day. At the end of that second session my pain level dropped from a 6 to 5 and again I was eager for the next day (something I have not felt in a very long time). Today was my 3rd session and my pain has decreased even more and I am able to move more freely. I am able to hold my upper body more erect and have not found myself to be hunched over nowhere near as much. I just knew that you would be the one to shine light on my tunnel and I am so very grateful to you. I look forward to the day when I can and will do the other programs that have thus far been unattainable.

Pat Becker – Santa Monica, CA, USA

I can do these chair exercises. I feel best in the upper back where I was getting a dowager hump. Not only feeling stronger there, I’m catching myself when I slump. I was concerned about the slouching before I got the program. I didn’t realize you would be targeting the area, so glad to see improvement. Expect to be getting up out of that chair, no sweat, by the end of the week.”Thanks for providing some great programs like the Balance Training Handbook. Stage 1 is the first time I’ve been able to do all the exercises at the beginning. It’s empowering.

Graham Robertson Williams – Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK

My ankles were getting uncomfortable especially after long periods on inactivity or when driving or sitting down would get stiff. This has only happened lately, at 73, I still work as an electrician so I am active. When I did the first set of exercises of Unlock Your Tight Ankles, I noticed that it helped me immediately especially rolling the backs of my legs on a roller. I’ve also bought a set of exercises from you for my knees which has helped greatly.

What I liked best is the immediate improvement. I know massage works but I never thought of applying it to the back of my legs.”

Fernando Fred Banuelos – Piedmont, California 94620, USA

First, let me say that I had a great improvement in my body after doing the Forward Head Posture Fix program. For your info, I am a Senior 82 years and was diagnosed with severe Osteoarthritis in my spine at the Sacral Lumber area. Before, I walk painfully with a forward head of at least 17-20 degrees. But now, my head is upright and centered over my waist and glutes. INCREDIBLE!

What made that easy was the printed handbook that came with the program. I sat at a table and used the handbook in that position. I didn’t need to sit in front my desktop monitor in the exact same position that developed my initial problems in the first place.

I am very happy with the results I had from Forward Head Posture Fix program. Thank you!

Catherine Alfer Kraning – Pittsburgh, PA, USACatherine Alfer Kraning – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. I believe this condition led to pain in my hip, along with my hip freezing up on me throughout the day. This all made my work life very difficult as I have a physical job.

After doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises ONCE, I felt relief that no other stretching, ice, heat, pain killers, NSAIDs gave me in the past. Very easy, time saving and targeted movements that zeroed in on my specific problem. So glad I found this program and I am grateful to you!

Now, I know what movements to do to not only correct my hip issues, but to also prevent flare ups. I didn’t realize how the physical pain and limitations were affecting me emotionally until I felt relief. But, that is how chronic pain goes, I guess. I would encourage anyone with physical limitations to try this program. I am so glad I did!”

Kathy Stephens – Aloha, OR, USA

“My lower back and hip were quite weak and causing me pain frequently. I had to see the chiropractor a lot! I have been doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program almost everyday. Since I purchased it, I felt an improvement quickly. Last time I was at the chiropractor (I had gone twice as long as usual), there was only one area that needed adjustment. And, it was not my hip or lower back area! So thankful for this program.”

Daniel Formby – Lindale, TX, USADaniel Formby – Lindale, TX, USA

“I have been basically sidelined for a month. I’m relying on neighbors to mow my yard, going from home office to couch after work. I tried ice and heat, check up, x-rays, sent to orthopedic, then to pain management and also seeing chiropractor, best guess is lower spine pinched nerve or SI joint inflammation.

Then I saw the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ad last Sunday, I have purchased and downloaded the program. I did first set of exercises on Sunday night and 3 times on Monday, twice yesterday, once this morning, and now I am pain-free! This is the best $20 I ever spent!”

Patrick Gustafson – Owasso, OK, USAPatrick Gustafson – Owasso, OK, USA

I have a L4-L5 bulging disk that was causing numbness and affecting my life. I was also doing physical therapy and injections to the L4-L5 every 6 months. Fast forward to today, Continuing crossfit 3+ days a week along with Unlock Your Hip Flexors program 5+ days a week and I have had no numbness down my leg and injection free for 1.3 years”

Marian Kramer – Retired Hairstylist, Liverpool, NY, USAMarian Kramer – Retired Hairstylist, Liverpool, NY, USA

Two years ago, I developed severe pain and weakness in my right upper thigh. I could not get up. Then I saw your ad and decided to try the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises. I did them as soon as I got up and did some still in bed (leg circles). After the third day, I saw an immense improvement and even did it in the kitchen while cooking. I highly recommend your program and will definitely keep doing the regimen.

Deuce Tatum – Columbia, MO, USADeuce Tatum – Columbia, MO, USA

I really enjoyed your video instructions on the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, and I have only went through the routine 3 times now and I am already receiving great results.”

Lynne Barton Bier – Stony Brook, NY, USA

I have been battling hip and back pain for a number of years so I decided to try the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and within a week my hip and back were feeling some relief from pain. I continued to do the stretches on a daily basis when possible but at a minimum three times a week and the improvement continued.

Timothy Heffernan – Indianapolis, IN, USA

I bought the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program yesterday and it has already helped to loosen my hips significantly. I have an artificial left hip and a right hip that has is also damaged. I am a hiker, backpacker and on rare occasions a mountain climber. But my hips have gotten so tight that it was affecting my ability to do these activities. I’m thankful to have found this program.

Maria Donado – Shawnee, KS, USAMaria Donado – Shawnee, KS, USA

I just got the Unlock Your Hip Flexors last week and I’m already noticing improvement in my range of motion and pain! My pain isn’t completely gone yet, but again, it’s only been a week. It helps that you can access the videos on your phone, so I do my exercises on the go at work, and even at the grocery store if I’m feeling that stiff. Trust me, it is 100% worth it.

Amelia Fish – Tucson, AZ, USAAmelia Fish – Tucson, AZ, USA

The Unlock Your Tight Ankles is nice and easy. Also, I purchased this program since I know my ankles are tight and painful. After using it once, my ankles felt good and felt relaxed.

I will keep using the Unlock Your Tight Ankles program

Mary Pomorski Praet – Clinton Township, MI, USAMary Pomorski Praet – Clinton Township, MI, USA

I began doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors in December 2017. Prior to this, I could hardly walk any distance without pain in my right hip and down into my right thigh. My doctor put me on an oral steroid and a mild muscle relaxer but when these were complete the condition began to return. I did some investigating on line and found your book and dvd. This program helped me immensely. Relief wasn’t immediate, but I felt a little better each day. In the beginning, I did the exercises daily. Now, six months later, I do them two or three times a week. If the condition seems to flare, I return to the daily routine.

Thank you so much.

Sally Burdett – Chalfont St. Giles, England, UK

My hip was hurting all the time but it started to feel more comfortable now since I did the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises 3 days ago!

Dianne Schlegel – Allentown, PA, USADianne Schlegel – Allentown, PA, USA

I had the pain for too long and really wanted to heal it so I ordered the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and started them along with the physical therapy exercises and within 10 days I already felt a difference. At 82 years old, that’s remarkable! I wanted to thank you for your help and a new lease on life free from hip and sciatica pain.

Ed Linares – San Diego, CA, USAEd Linares – San Diego, CA, USA

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program really works. Been doing this for a week now and, I haven’t had to use a cane. I’ve been able to walk like I haven’t in a long time. Hopefully the improvement will continue.

Bethany Allgood – Williamsburg,VA, USABethany Allgood – Williamsburg,VA, USA

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has changed my life. I have struggled with lower back pain for the last decade with no relief from doctors or physical therapists. It was only worsened by having two children. My large babies led to a Diastasis Recti in my abs which only compounded my back pain. I was taking over-the-counter pain medicine around the clock with no relief in sight.

After seeing this program on Facebook, I immediately knew it was describing my problems. My lower back felt better after the first day of exercising/stretching. My lower back pain was GONE after the second day. I do the program about 3-4 times a week and can feel the effects of my abs joining back together, my back getting stronger, and my hips loosening to make even just walking easier. I can see the effects of this program too. My back has already started to have a more natural curve and I’m seeing my muscles getting more toned.

I am so grateful for starting this program! I know that the more I do it, the more I will benefit from it. Thank you so much for providing such an easy fix to my decade-long problem!

Barb Broad – Speech-Language Pathologist, Cleveland, OH, USABarb Broad – Speech-Language Pathologist, Cleveland, OH, USA

I really found the Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD and Manual very helpful. I’m a competitive runner (age 67.5) and tend to have a tight left hip flexor (more so than the right side), due to my running on the track once a week. The exercises on the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program probably also help with the tightness in the tendon of my left SacroiIiac area.

Chris Perryman – Web Developer / Full time Mom, Fredericksburg, VA, USAChris Perryman – Web Developer / Full time Mom, Fredericksburg, VA, USA

I’ve been using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program before my workouts on and off for the past few weeks. Even though I haven’t been as consistent as I’d wanted to, I am feeling major improvement!

My glutes are firing when I squat, and my anterior pelvic tilt is noticeably lessened. The most exciting thing was the affirmation I got from my chiropractor this week! He said, “wow, you’ve made some major improvements. You still have a ways to go, but I see a big difference from last time you were in”. He asked about what I’d been doing and I told him, and funny enough another patient had just brought in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program to him and he watched and gave it is approval. He said everything in this program is great and just what I should be doing…yay!

Tracy – Ann Kitching – Alhaurin el Grande, Spain, British ExpatTracy – Ann Kitching – Alhaurin el Grande, Spain, British Expat

I’ve been using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises for a while now and from the very first session, the pain and lack of flexibility just went away. Nothing short of miraculous. Highly recommended!

Amanda Louise Hubber – Singleton, Western AustraliaAmanda Louise Hubber – Singleton, Western Australia

I hurt my back moving some furniture about 6 years ago and since then had been left with a sore hip. I tried chiropractic care amongst other things. But as soon as i did the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises, I felt relief. I was really amazed. It no longer hurts in my hip joint when I raise my knee during the day and my leg feels like it has more strength in it.

I do the exercises 3 times a week at the moment. I am grateful beyond words for the relief these exercises have given me.

Roger Alsford – Exeter, DE, United KingdomRoger Alsford – Exeter, DE, United Kingdom

Thank you Rick, Winter Warming Recipes are great, easy to prepare and wholesome. They have widened my views on cooking for health, which is a good point for you because I’m already a very good healthy food cook. Well done and keep up the good work!

Jeremy Surratt – BJJ Fighter, Atlanta, GA, USAJeremy Surratt – BJJ Fighter, Atlanta, GA, USA

I had cam acetabular impingement in both hips causing wear and arthritis at an early age. I had a Birmingham hip resurface on both hips. Before, my hip flexor region was very tight. From being unable to properly stretch and strengthen my lower body in general due to pain. After ordering the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program it wasn’t long before I noticed quick improvements in my flexibility in that area. Before this I wasn’t even aware that I needed to stretch that muscle. It has been tight for years and I didn’t have the knowledge to address it.”

Judith Cantil – Shreveport, LA, USAJudith Cantil – Shreveport, LA, USA

After 10 years and scores of medical interventions I had to give up a career I loved. Fast forward 20 years and I’m still in pain.

Then I bought the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and it made a HUGE difference in little time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Ken Ingwersen – Clive, IA, USAKen Ingwersen – Clive, IA, USA

I am 64 years old and fairly active. Was having pain in both hips and was wanting to get back into bowling again. I bought the Unlock Your Hip Flexors book and started doing the exercises before bowling. Gave me so much more flexibility and I did not hurt the next day. I also have started playing golf and can tell a big difference there as well. Benefits have been increased flexibility and less tightness in hips. I think the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program also helped my back as well. I will continue doing several times a week.

Donna Anderson – Child Care Worker, Dallas, TX, USADonna Anderson – Child Care Worker, Dallas, TX, USA

I purchased the Unlock Your Hip Flexors a few months back. I knew it would cost much less than a doctor visit and I was in pain and had difficulty walking. I am literally walking proof that this works. I do the exercises whenever my hip flexors get tight now and am learning to strengthen my core.

It was invaluable to me and now I have a lifelong solution to my problem! I highly recommend this product!

Noel Marcelino – Charlotte, NC, USANoel Marcelino – Charlotte, NC, USA

“I always had tight hips which is affecting my running but the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program fixed it after doing for a few days. It also fixed my tight hamstrings and tight lower back. I can also feel my core activating just by walking. I feel there is no effort in my strides. Thank you very much!”

Doreen R Neely – Springfield, TN, USADoreen R Neely – Springfield, TN, USA

I am over the moon happy that I saw the Unlock Your Hip Flexors and purchased the DVD with the book! I have been suffering with extreme pain in my left hip/glute. I am a runner and also do Pilates on a reformer religiously. Static stretches and warm up helped to an extent, but the deep pain in my pelvis resulted in knee pain while running.

In less than a week I am pain free and back to running without having to modify my training to “protect” myself. God bless!!”

Ronnie Deal – Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Abilene, TX, USARonnie Deal – Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Abilene, TX, USA

“I’m a 52 y/o ex jock who still tries to be athletic. I’ve broken my neck twice and back 3 times and have bouts of sciatica due to lower back and hamstring stiffness. So, I researched ways to help me with that and I stumbled upon the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. I can’t believe the difference that it has made in my workouts and the way I feel the rest of the day.”

Nelson Sepulveda – Nelson Carpets & Installation LLC, Spanish Fork, UT, USANelson Sepulveda – Nelson Carpets & Installation LLC, Spanish Fork, UT, USA

I’m a floor installer, and I have degenerated disc disease for years. I recently hurt my lower back, but since I started with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I feel a big relief and a great improvement on my mobility.

Lynn Christinson Mitchell – Wayzata, MN, USALynn Christinson Mitchell – Wayzata, MN, USA

“I have spent 2 years in terrible pain been through MRI’s with the diagnosis of inflammation in my hip flexors on both sides , I go to a chiropractor 2x a month . No help in 2 years. I’ve cried just trying to go up stairs or walk . Sleep was difficult because I tossed and turned because the pain would wake me. I’m a very active person so it’s been emotionally hard on me as well.

Then, I received the Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD two days ago and I can move freely! The pain is nonexistent! I cannot thank you enough. I just ordered another DVD for pain. I’m only 47 and I don’t need to feel like I’m 90. Thanks again”

Eylin Gilbart – Victoria, BC, CanadaEylin Gilbart – Victoria, BC, Canada

After 4 weeks of stage 1 and 2, I have finally reached the point where pain isn’t the issue, just foot fatigue and I believe that will go away once I have a longer period with no pain. Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 days program is excellent and well worth the investment.

Tricia Skrede – Dog Groomer, Viroqua, Wisconsin, USATricia Skrede – Dog Groomer, Viroqua, Wisconsin, USA

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has been the answer I was looking for! I never knew how large of a muscle group the hip flexors were, and they were the root of most of the pain I experience. I felt instant relief the 1st time I did it, and regular use has caused higher areas of my spine to “unlock” as well. Since then, I recommend this program to anyone who will listen!

Linda Verlinden – Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaLinda Verlinden – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

It’s been about a week and a half now since I started doing The Pain Hacker program and every day I am feeling better. I woke this morning without my usual hip pain. So, thank you very very much.

Your DVD has given me motivation to start looking after myself again and doing a lot better job at it.

Martina Roters – Kuhardt, RP, GermanyMartina Roters – Kuhardt, RP, Germany

I am only half-way through The Ultimate Holiday Feast Cookbook and already wowed!

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all from Europe!”

Beth Glasco – Lakeside, CA, USABeth Glasco – Lakeside, CA, USA

“I’m a very active person. I do Zumba 4 times a week and get try to get 8 miles in each day. I have had a minor procedure for sciatica so I know back pain. As I get older, I try to listen to my body. I had a few massages where my psoas was worked and I loved how I felt afterwards. I had been getting sore and stoved up.

When I saw the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I knew I had to try it so I could add to my stretching routine. Now, I love how I feel afterwards. Thanks!”

Stephen Fletcher – United Kingdom

The Warming Winter Recipes Cookbook enliven my taste buds and help to get better.

Many thanks!

Jacqueline Lanoix – Quebec, Canada

Prior to getting the Plantar Fasciitis Relief In 7 Days program, I was miserable. The pain from the Plantar Fasciitis was unbearable and I could hardly walk. It is an undeniable fact that the Plantar Fasciitis Relief In 7 Days program made my life so much better!

Sylvia J Richards – Nova Scotia, CanadaSylvia J Richards – Nova Scotia, Canada

I was not exercising at all – mainly because I was afraid. Exercise for me had been unpleasant, sometimes painful. But since I started the Invincible Core program, I am not afraid to exercise! Using the exercises and techniques taught by Rick has made me see exercising in a whole new way. The Invincible Core really understood my problems. The instructions are also clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, the price is reasonable and it’s very good value for money

I wish you and Invincible Core everything good for the future!

John Cooper – Retired, Melbourne, AustraliaJohn Cooper – Retired, Melbourne, Australia

Prior to the Frozen Shoulder Solution program, I had trouble with day to day activities, exercise and sleeping. Since starting the program, I have been able to sleep with minimal discomfort and have started upper body exercises again. I can now reach up for objects on the top shelf of my pantry! I also feel I have my strength back in my arm. The main benefit of Rick’s program was that it was easy to do, easy to follow and mostly pain free.

Richard Applegate – Manchester, UKRichard Applegate – Manchester, UK

Thank you Rick and Exercises For Injuries! I used Rick’s Fix my Shoulder Pain and it has really made a noticeable difference. So cheers Rick!

Delcie Norris – Housewife, Lake Hamilton, FL, USA

“I have been doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises and they have helped me very much. I can sleep on my right side now, a month ago I couldn’t. So thank you Rick. I also do the nine stretches you said to do every day and I feel so good and have more energy. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy exercising.”

Diane Andraka – Owings, MD, USADiane Andraka – Owings, MD, USA

I bought the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Physical DVD. I love it. It has definitely helped me with mobility. Great info and it works. Well worth the $. Thank you!”

Despina Willoughby – Homebased Cake Business, London, UK

I started Unlock Your Hip Flexors and I have been doing the video twice a day, every day and I have already felt an improvement in my hip flexors which is great. Can I just say that its been so effective already as I had this problem on my hip flexors for years and for this to help me just by doing simple exercises is just amazing I am truly grateful.

Connie Curtis Claire – Dunellon, Florida, USAConnie Curtis Claire – Dunellon, Florida, USA

The last 3 years have been really rough. Lots of sitting in the hospital with my husband then I had my foot fused in 5 places. Long story short. I bought the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program last month. I did the exercises and had an immediate change! Stronger, more fluid movement, not sore at all!

Before it was so painful for me to start walking, felt disjointed or something. NOW MY BODY MOVES AGAIN! This is a major game changer for me. Thank you.

Kristie Moore – Owner, Enhance Studio Medi – Spa, Vernon, BC, Canada

I use this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program and in just one day and I had a 70 – 80% improvement, and now 2 days in a row of doing this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program I am back to 100%!

There’s no doubt that this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program is the key! I just want to thank you again for saving my ass, literally!

N. Mulder – Medical Doctor, Escondido, CA, USA

I ordered the Unlock Your Hip Flexors about a month ago and it is fabulous. Tight psoas muscles run in our family and these easy exercises made a difference!

Mark Craig – Retired Educator, Denver, CO, United States

Before using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, my hips and glutes have been very tight. In the recent years, gluteals have been an issue (dry needling bent needle on first treatment)

But since I started using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, my glutes and hips are not tight anymore. I also use your exercises to expand what PT has me doing and it is giving me great results.

Best thing about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors is, it is really proven and guaranteed! I have nothing to hate about this program.

All you need is a commitment to the program and wait for the awesome results!

Thank you.

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