Exercise To Strengthen Your Neck

Exercise To Strengthen Your Neck

In this video, I wanted to share a quick exercise that you can do to strengthen your neck.

Neck pain is a common issue that a lot of people have. If you look back on your life, there has probably been a time that you have woken up with a kink in your neck. Or maybe you have been text messaging a lot or watching way too much TV and it has irritated your neck. Neck pain can be minor or serious and can be a small inconvenience or a major obstacle in everyday tasks. Luckily, there are things we can do to help prevent ever getting neck kinks or neck pain in the first place. The exercise in this post is a great preventative exercise. The exercise works on strengthening the deep neck muscles, which are often neglected, which will help keep your neck strong and avoid pain and injury.

Here’s an excellent exercise that you can do anywhere that will allow you to strengthen your neck and decrease the risk of getting neck pain.

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Lie down length-wise on a foam roller. If you don’t have a foam roller, lie down on anything that you can bring your head off of. The foam roller works well because it is easy to get on it and you are not that far off the ground. Other options are a rolled-up exercise mat, a rolled-up towel, or a folded pillow.

Place your head and the rest of your spine on the foam roller. Take one hand and put it underneath your head. Move up so that your head hangs off a little bit more. Support your head with your hand so that your head is in line with the rest of your body, and your hand is holding your neck up. Keep your chin slightly tucked in toward your chest so that your head, neck, and spine are all in alignment.

Exercise To Strengthen Your Neck
Exercise to Strengthen Your Neck

We want to activate those deep neck muscles. Slowly decrease how much help that your hand is providing. Decrease it by approximately 25% so that you are using 75% from your hand and 25% from your neck muscles. Hold for two seconds and then fully support your head again. Relax and give your muscles a chance to recover, and then go through the exercise again. Decrease how much help that your hand provides, moving from 25%, to 50%, to 75%, to eventually fully bringing that hand away.

I recommend holding the end position for two seconds, starting off with 5 repetitions. Try to really work on those deep neck muscles, as opposed to the surface muscles when it comes to the exercise. See how you feel the next day, and if you feel good, keep working on the exercise.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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