Exercises for Sacroiliac Joint


Ending the Most Common Back Injury In Women – Exercises for Sacroiliac Joint


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The most common and most ignored injury in females is the sacroiliac joint.  Most times the exercise program that is given is what one would give for someone with a lumbar spine lower back injury, which is not correct.  SI joint exercise program design is very different than that of a regular lower back injury.  In this practical and hands outs session you will learn the 5 step exercise process to overcome your client’s or your sacroiliac joint (SI joint) injury.

3 Benefits of the Presentation

  1. The “don’t’s” when it comes to your exercise program design after your client has received medical approval to start an exercise program
  2.  The things to avoid outside of the gym if you have SI joint injury
  3. Go-to exercise program for your client or your sacroiliac joint client

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CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.