Extreme Core Stability Progression

Today,  I have an advance core exercise for you from Tyler Bramlett.

If this exercise is way to advance for you, you can try this one.

I got Tyler to show an advance core stability exercise because I find a lot of people stop at plank exercises. They think, if I hold the plank longer, that is good enough but you need to keep challenging your core as you need to challenge the reset of the muscle in your body.

Enjoy the exercise and give it a go.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey there, Tyler here from 0 to 6-Pack Abs. This special guest video is for Rick Kaselj and all of you over at ExercisesForInjuries.com.

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This is an extreme core stability exercise that not a lot of people are doing because they haven’t worked up to it yet. But the problem with Ab training is most people get to a certain level and then stop. They never increase the complexity or the difficulty of their abdominal training routines.

I am going to show you 3 different exercises and work on that extreme abdominal stability.

We are going to work on the exercise called Front Ladder which is extremely challenging. To start off with the Front Ladder, make sure you can do a few leg raises.

#1 – Leg Raises

Grab on the bar and bring your toes up. That is already an advance exercise but you can do at least 5, 8 or maybe 10 leg raises then you probably should even be doing this extreme core stability exercise.

Front Ladder

 Leg Raises

The next step is working on your beginner variation. The beginner variation is called the Top Ladder.

#2 – Top Ladder

Bring your knees up in your chest while keeping your back is horizontal to the ground. It’s okay to have a little round in your back just make sure that you are pulling your armpits down and your hands towards your knees.

The Top Ladder looks like this: coming up and holding that position right there.

Top Ladder

Top Ladder

Again, you want to make sure to hold that position for about 30 seconds before moving on to the next variation.

The next variations are getting pretty advanced and that’s where all you have to do is extend the hips a little bit so that your knee is in front of the pull bar or the rings.

It is called the Advanced Top Ladder and it looks like this.

#3 – Advanced Top Ladder

Advanced Top Ladder

 Advanced Top Ladder

Bring your body up, your knees are in but you are still holding up and then you bring them out. Hold that position for 30 seconds. It takes a lot of practice to work up to, expect to move up a step every month if you consistently practice these exercises.

Finally you can work towards the actual Front Ladder. I will show you guys a variation which is an easy way to work up to it and get into the full front ladder.

#4 – Front Ladder Variation

You are going to jump up and you go in the top and you are going to extend just one leg at a time and hold that position for as long as you can.

It looks like this.

Actual Front Ladder

Front Ladder Variation

Come up with the knees in the chest and extend one leg and try to come down and hold. As you can see that’s already extremely challenging for me.

The progression from there is to slowly extend the other leg. Once you are on hold with your left leg out and right leg in for 30 seconds and then switch. Then you are going to slowly extend your legs just a little bit at a time, moving your toes from your thigh to your knee,  knee to shin, shin to ankle and ankle to a full extension.

And after a course of 6 months you are gradually working your way up to a full front ladder.  Hold yourself up horizontal to the ground, and that is one of the most extreme displays of core strength out there, plain and simple.

Thanks for watching and reading.

Tyler Bramlett

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