I wanted to thank you for attending or watching my session.
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Exercises for Injury Resource Library

Before I go.

I wanted to give you some resources.

Here are some resources that will help you went it comes to working with people with injuries and getting medical referrals.


Cabel McElderry 3 Steps to Getting Medical Referrals Fitness Education Interviews 3 Steps to Getting More Medical Referrals
This is a must resource to look at if you are looking for more medical referrals. Cabel McElderry shares what he does in his personal training studio in order to get medical referrals and how medical referrals have been a very important referral source for his personal training studio.
Click here to listen to the interview
Cervical Neck Exercises with Josh Henkin Fitness Education Interviews Rapid Recovery from Neck Fusion surgeryJosh Henkin’s active life lead to a neck fusion. He shares his story on how he recovered from it and got back to doing what he loves.
Click here to listen to the interview
exercise after c section with carmen bott Fitness Education Interviews Exercise After C-SectionIt was very cool to get Carmen Bott’s insight into exercise after a c-section. Carmen is in touch with the research but also trains hard. It is great to get her perspective on what the research said she could do, what other professionals told her she could do and what she experienced.
Click here to listen to the interview
81 commontraining 5 CD large 300x260 Fitness Education Interviews Common Training Mistakes that Lead to Injuries
In this interview, I chat with Eric Cressey and he highlights a lot of the training mistakes he sees in the gym and other trainers make.
Click here to listen to the interview

Rick Kaselj, MS