3 Steps to Getting Medical Referrals

3 Steps to Getting Medical Referrals

Another excellent interview for you on medical referrals.

Specifically, how a fitness professional can get medical referrals.

I interviewed Cabel McElderry, who shares how he works with the medical community to help them with their clients.

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3 Steps to Getting Medical Referrals

In the interview, Cabel shares with you:

  • How the medical community plays a role in your fitness business
  • Expanding on the medical release form to help medical doctors out
  • The best approach to networking with the medical community
  • Different ways of working with Doctors, Physical therapists, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists
  • The professions that are the most receptive to working with fitness professions
  • Creating “win-win” relationships with the medical community
  • How to separate yourself from other trainers
  • How to get in touch with medical doctors
  • What are the occupations in the medical community that you should start with
  • Critical systems that you should develop
  • The importance of constantly communicating with the medical community
  • Numbers that you must track in your fitness business

Thank you, Cabel McElderry.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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