Finding a Kinesiologist

Finding a Kinesiologist

Working out is great for your body and mind, but it can take a toll on your joints. If you’ve recently increased the intensity or duration of your workouts, or if you’ve been working out for years but have started to feel joint pain previously masked by athletic adrenaline, it might be time to consult a kinesiologist. Kinesiologists specialize in movement analysis and are trained in helping people manage their movement patterns so they can remain active and pain-free throughout their lives. Read on to learn how you can find one in your area.

So I just got an email from a reader of Exercises for Injuries on “finding a Kinesiologist.”

This is the email:

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 20:59:39 -0700

Subject: Kinesiologist with Sign Language Training

From: Alan R

Hi Rick,

It’s Alan from Langley.

Just wondering if you knew of anyone in the industry that not only has experience working with ICBC patients but also has the ability to sign.  We recently took on a patient at the clinic that is hearing impaired.  Thru the use of a translator the client was assessed by the physiotherapist and given exercises by me.  There has been some suggestion that the patient would do well with some aquatherapy sessions.  I thought I would contact you and see if you knew of anyone that you could recommend to help this patient with their recovery.

Thank you very much for your help,

Alan R

Answering Your Question, Alan

I do not know a Kinesiologist in the Surrey, Langley, or Abbotsford area that knows sign language.

I thought your question would be a good one for an article on what you can do to search out them in your area.

If you have a specific problem, you can search online to find someone in your area. But it’s better to use a referral from a friend or trusted source. That way, you can be sure you’re seeing a professional who has your best interests in mind. If you don’t have anyone to refer you to a kinesiologist, you can search for them online. You’ll want to make sure they have the proper credentials. Ideally, they should be registered with a provincial or national regulatory body.

1. Visit Canadian Kinesiologist Association (

CKAThe CKA put together a database of Kinesiologists in Canada. If you need one, you enter the city/province you are looking for, and you will get a bunch of them.

2. Visit Ontario Kinesiology Association (

OKAIf you are looking for a Kinesiologist in Ontario, the Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) has a great “Find a Kinesiologist” feature.

You can select to look for them by postal code and to a maximum of a specific distance from the postal code.

It is very cool.

3. Ask for Help on Facebook Fan Pages

Who does not have a Facebook Fan Page?  I even have one – Exercises For Injuries Facebook Fan Page.

The ones that I know that are out there are:

  • Alberta Kinesiology Association
  • British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association
  • Canadian Kinesiology Alliance

You can log into your Facebook, search the Fan Page for the listed Kinesiologist association in the area you need, and leave a comment on the page for what you are looking for.

4. Good Old Google

You can always try to Google search based on the area you are looking for someone. For example, you can search “surrey kinesiologist” or “kinesiologist surrey.”

I hope this little article helped you out. That is it. Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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