Fix My Shoulder Pain When Doing Push Ups

I wanted to go through a video with you about fixing your shoulder pain when doing a push up.

I was working out this morning and got thinking about this.

I started playing around with different types of push up techniques and seeing which ended up feeling easier on my shoulder.

Have a watch:

I experimented with the standard push up, with hands flat when going into a push up movement.

I tried with a fist going into the push up movement.

Then I tried something a little bit different for my hands when doing the push up, which worked out a lot better.

Let me share with you what that little thing was that I tweaked in my push up that made my shoulder feel a lot better .

With the traditional push up, you tend to push your entire load and all of your weight through the heel of your hand. I focused in on putting more pressure on my fingertips, not the specific tips, but the pads of my fingers and the pads of my palm.

By focusing on putting more weight on those areas, I could feel my shoulder blade muscles activating a lot more. When I bring in those shoulder blade muscles, I bring in another muscle group to help stabilize my shoulder and then decreases stress on the shoulder joint, which decreases shoulder pain or the risk of shoulder pain.

I recommend you give that a go next time you do push ups  What I found was, it did affect my push up performance. It was harder for me to do that, pushing on my pads, compared to pushing on the heels of my hands. So, remember that when you try that. But the benefit was I was getting a lot more of the scapular muscles kicking in, the shoulder blade muscles kicking in. and less stress and strain on the shoulder joint, which leads to less injury and helps overcome shoulder pain.

So make sure to remember my little tweak when doing a push up if you have shoulder pain. Add weight on the pads of your fingers and the pads of your palms to bring in those scapular muscles and stabilize your shoulder more.  This is Rick Kaselj from FIX MY SHOULDER PAIN with a FIX MY SHOULDER PAIN tip for those that get shoulder pain when doing push ups.

Take care and goodbye,

Rick Kaselj, MS