Heel Drops

Today, I want to go through how to do Heel Drops, which is a common exercise given for Achilles tendinosis.

Heel Drops





Purpose: To strengthen and improve the quality of the Achilles tendon.

This is a specific exercise for Achilles Tendinosis.

Starting Position: Start in a standing position with the balls of your feet on a step.You can use a riser as in the photo above or the bottom stair of a set of stairs.

You will start with the balls of your feet on the step, your heels off the step, your legs straight and hands against the wall in order to eliminate balance.

How to Do the Exercise: Let your heels drop focusing on the movement happening in your ankles.

You should feel a stretch in your calves.

After reaching the bottom o the position, return back to the start.

Progressions: You can progress to doing the exercise, one leg at a time.
Contraindication & Common Mistakes: You should feel a light stretch, and if you feel pain, discontinue the exercise.


Here is a video that will help you out:

Rick Kaselj, MS