How the Leg Extension Can Be Dangerous for Your Back

I wanted to go through How the Leg Extension Machine can be dangerous for your back?

How the Leg Extension Can Be Dangerous for Your Back


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When it comes to the Leg Extension Machine or a machine, a very common exercise you see is straightening out the legs and then lowering your legs back down. Some people lack hamstring flexibility, changing the curve of the pelvis. If so, your pelvis will tilt back and your back will flatten out. This flattening out of the back exposes your back to undo stress and pressure, which can result in irritation, pain or full blown injury.

slide your hand in behind your back

Slide Your Hand Behind Your Back

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Avoid the exercise and do other exercises that work on your legs.
  2. Eliminate the range of what you are doing. Instead of extending all the way, limit how far you go. Do 75% of the movement.
  3. Work on the flexibility in the hamstring. I did another video on what you can do about your tight hamstrings.
  4. Slide your hand behind your back and work on trying to keep the curve in your lower back. Work on not changing the pressure up against your hand and then go through the movement.

So there you go! If you are doing the Leg Extension Exercise and it bothers your back, now you know why. You already know the four different things that you can do when it comes to Leg Extension Machine exercise that irritates your back or potentially injure your back.

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