How the Plank Exercise Can Be Causing Your Back Pain

How the Plank Exercise Can Be Causing Your Back Pain

I wanted to explain how the plank exercise is the reason why you have back pain and give out some tweaks that you can do to turn the plank into a good exercise from a back pain creating exercise.

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#1 – Two Common Plank Mistakes

I am going to get Orsy to demonstrate a poor plank.


Bad Plank Positions

Two common mistakes you see is that the seat is too high or when you drop the hips too low.

The big thing for both of these mistakes is that there is a change in the curve of the back.

We want to maintain that curve in the back and we want to activate the abdominal area, plus the muscles around it in order to keep the spine in neutral.

#2 – How to Fix the Plank Exercise

What I get people to do is I get them to start from their knees when it comes to the plank. In that kneeling position I get their pelvis and back into a good position and then move them into the full plank.


Good Plank Position

How to do the exercise fix:

  1. Orsy is in a plank position, from the knees.
  2. She will rock her pelvis forward, rocking it back and then she finds what’s neutral for her.
  3. She tightens the abdominal area like she is bracing for a punch.
  4. She lifts her knees of the floor. Now she is in good alignment.
  5. Then she can engage her glutes maximus and her lats in order to protect that spine even more.

Then how long I get people to hold the position?

I usually start off with  5 second holds for 5 repetitions. Then I can increase it to 10 seconds hold and 10 repetitions.

If you are doing the plank exercise and it leaves your back feeling funny, give this tweak go. Try it from the knees, setting your pelvis in a good spot, locking that position by activating your abdominals, lifting the knees off the floor, and then bringing in the gluts and the lats.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

Low Back Pain Solved