Three Pain Creating Postures

Three Pain Creating Postures

Who does not have poor posture?

There are 3 common postures that we do every day that can lead to pain and injury.

Let me show you what they are.

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Being in these postures or exercising in these postures could be hurting you.

You could be in these postures in the gym, at work or at home.

Pain Posture #1 – Sitting

The first posture that leads to pain and injury is sitting.

Sitting at work, driving, watching TV or sitting down to have coffee all put greater stress on your back, mid-back, shoulders and neck.


Sitting ends up putting about 40% more pressure on the lower back.

It only increases if you are not in ideal posture. Especially if you bring your head forward or you roll your shoulders forward.

Pain Posture #2 – Flexed Lower Back

The second posture is, being in a posture where your are flexed in the lower back.

That rounded forward posture in the low back is a problem.

You could be rounding out your lower back when sitting. Instead of sitting nice and upright,  you could be rounding in that low back, which puts a lot of stress and strain in that low back.


Another time that your lower back might round is during exercise. Instead of moving at the hips, you might end up moving at the back in order to do the exercises.

One other common time is when standing and I am relaxed in the abdominal area.

Pain Posture #3 – Twisting to the Side

The third ends up being standing and twisting to the side.

This could be an exercise done in the gym like a med ball rotation. Twisting in the back ends up putting high load on the spine.

I could end up twisting in the back when sitting and rotating while working on the computer or reaching for the phone.


As you move throughout the day, look to see if you are getting into these postures.

If you are, they could be causing your pain, they could be slowing your recovery down or setting you up for pain in the future.

Do what you can to get out of them or minimize them.

Your body and pain will be happier if you do.

This is Rick Kaselj from and Fix My Back Pain

Have a pain-free day.

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