How To Address Muscle Imbalances in the Upper Body

A few days ago, I did an interview with Kevin Yates.

Well he did an interview of me.

Ya, me:

This is was what I (Rick Kaselj) go through:

  • Biggest muscle imbalance issue in the upper body
  • How our digital lifestyle is affecting our bodies
  • The cascading effect of injuries in the body
  • How to assess muscle imbalances in the upper body
  • What people can do about muscle imbalances in their upper body
  • A huge trend that is happening with clients in the gym
  • Importance of addressing breathing in an exercise program
  • How poor breathing can affect to muscle stress and pain
  • Great example of integrating breathing with an exercise
  • Where the idea of Muscle Imbalances Revealed came from
  • What was covered in the lower body¬†edition
  • What is in the upper body edition
  • Who I am

I hope you enjoyed the interview, let me know what you think or email me and let me know if there is someone I should interview.

Rick Kaselj, MS

One more thing.

Few Kind Words about MIRU:

Thoroughness of Info

What I liked about MIRU is the thoroughness of the info.

MIRU has given me some more insight into what I was already doing, and a bit of peace of mind that I was on the right track.

Breathing info made me aware I need to spend more time emphasizing this.

Scott Rawcliffe
Personal Trainer
Gold Coast Australia

One last thing.

This is a little video on how to download the interview to your computer: