MIRU2 Questions

MIRU2 Questions

Muscle Imbalances Revealed goes beyond stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak, or just performing corrective exercises. It assists the fitness & health professional or exercise enthusiast in understanding the synergies that exist within the body and walks you through the intricacies of muscle imbalances. In Upper Body Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed (MIRU2), you will be guided by 4 experts from various health professions on how to identify and address muscle imbalances and perform the most effective exercises to improve performance, bust through fitness plateaus, increase the speed of injury recovery and prevent future injuries.

Q – What is new with MIRU2?

I have not done an excellent job explaining this.

This is what we have added to MIR for the 2.0 version.

#1 – Mobility Med Ball Workout (26 minutes)

In this update, Kevin Yates from MIRL takes you through a variety of mobility exercises that you can do with a medicine ball. These exercises help loosen up the upper body, activate the scapular and rotator cuff muscles, improve thoracic mobility and focus on integrating the upper and lower body. This will be great if you are looking for new med ball exercise ideas and a workout with the med ball that will help with the upper body.

#2 – UBD – Bootcamp Edition (3 minutes)

An excellent dynamic warm-up for the upper body. Josh Saunders takes you through a 4-minute upper-body dynamic introduction that he takes his 100 Bootcamp clients through every week. He has found this has been something easy to add to his classes, has decreased the injuries his campers have had, is quick, and is fun to do. This will be great for any Bootcamp instructor or if you are looking for a short dynamic warm-up for the upper body. You receive a video of the exercises and a book with all the activities.

#3 – Upper Body Release (9 minutes)

A video for manual therapists looking for ways of releasing the upper body muscles. Dr. Erson Religioso III takes you through a number of the manual therapy techniques he uses with his clients to help release tight and active forces in the upper body. This will be great for manual therapists looking for more methods to remove the upper body, especially pec minor.

Update #4 – VIP Coaching Call # 1 (44 minutes)

MIRU members had many questions about MIRU, and we answered them on this call. We talked about when and when not to wear a weightlifting belt, how to handle the kyphotic and lordotic spines when driving, how to use and not use tension during exercise, how to deal with fatigue and rotator cuff issues, how to balance strength on both sides of the body, when to do and avoid soft tissue treatment, how to handle hip dominance, and how to teach lifts.

Update #5 – VIP Coaching Call #2 (50 minutes)

On this coaching call with MIRU members, we covered everything we talked about in our first meeting with them. We discussed how to handle meatheads who refuse to do corrective exercises, exercise tempo, workout design, how to integrate core exercises into your workout, how to address a variety of core exercises, how to address femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), how to handle an injured ankle, and how to address piriformis syndrome.

Update #6 – Top 7 Core Exercises (12 minutes)

I asked Dean Somerset, “What are his Top 7 Core Exercises?” He sent me these seven exercises. Dean gives you bodyweight, stability ball, medicine ball, dumbbells, and cable exercises to improve core fitness. I will take you through the activities.

Update #7 – Top 9 Meathead Exercises (13 minutes)

Tony Gentilcore sent me a list of the nine most effective exercises for meatheads who want to get stronger. I’ll describe them to you. Tony advocates using balls, socks, dowels, walls, resistive bands, half-sized foam rollers, racks, and pulleys to help meatheads increase their strength.

Update #8 – Upcoming VIP Coaching Call

As you can see above. The coaching calls have been a huge hit, and we will do one more of them very soon. Make sure to write down your questions ad you go through MIRU and send them to us so we can go through them on the call. If you can make the call, you can ask us to live, but we will record it and send it to you if you can’t.

Update #9 – Forum Area to Ask Questions

We have set up an area where you can ask your questions. You can put your questions here, and we will answer them.

Those are the nine things we have added.

Q – What Order Should I Watch MIRU2?

This is a great question.

After viewing the presentations, this is the order that I would suggest viewing the displays:

  • Component#8 – Neck Exercises for Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Strength with Rick Kaselj
  • Component#7 – Unraveling Muscle Imbalances in the Shoulder with Rick Kaselj
  • Component#3 – Myofascial Training for the Upper Body by Dean Somerset (49 minutes)
  • Component#1 – Corrective Exercise Strategies for Athletes (and Meatheads, too) with Tony Gentilcore (1 hour 7 minutes)
  • Component#4 – Advanced Core Training & Conditioning with Dean Somerset (48 minutes)
  • Component#5 – Linking Breathing with Rehab, Training, and Performance with Dr. Jeff Cubos (55 minutes)
  • Component#2 – Avoiding Common Programming Bloops and Blunders with Tony Gentilcore (1 hour 18 minutes)
  • Component#6 – Picking the Right Soft Tissue Tool for the Problem with Dr. Jeff Cubos (28 minutes)

This order has things start from the head and work down to the core.

Q – What Are People Saying About MIRU2?

I am embarrassed by this, but the feedback for MIRU2 is starting to roll in.

Q – Who is MIRU2 for? This is what an exercise enthusiast said about it:

“MIRU was excellent overall.

It provided an excellent balance of technical and practical information for me.
I have always been a fitness enthusiast but am thinking about getting re-certified and doing some personal training and it was a great refresher and more!

MIRU provided me with some great stuff to add to my ‘fitness professional toolkit’ and was a great compendium of information.”

Matthew Guertin
Exercise Enthusiast / Policy Analyst/ Former Personal Trainer
Ottawa, Ontario

This is what an athletic trainer said about MIRU:

“Dear Rick,

I am a Head Athletic Trainer at Pro soccer team in Japan.

Your MIRU is helping my athletes to get better.

MIRU has changed or improved what you do.  It has been improved variation of rehabilitation exercise.”

Kiyoshi Higure
Head Athletic Trainer
Albrex Niigata

There are two groups it will help:

  • Health & Fitness Professionals
  • Exercise Enthusiasts

Performance, training, and rehab assistance can be provided to health and fitness specialists (personal trainers, Bootcamp instructors, strength coaches, kinesiologists, physical therapists, etc.) thanks to new information, assessments, and exercises provided in this course.

Learning more about what they can do to improve their performance, looking for different training ideas, and preventing or recovering from injuries is what the exercise enthusiast likes to learn more about what they can do to improve their performance.

Q – Briefly Explain what MIRU2 is?

It is a program that helps you better understand what to do to improve performance, fitness, and rehabilitation results in the upper body.

You get the insight from Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Jeff Cubos, Dean Somerset, and Rick Kaselj on assessment, training techniques, and exercises for the upper body.

It includes a wide range of subject matter. Training mistakes, lifting problems, core workouts, methods to assist recovery, and neck and shoulder injury activities are all included. Breathing and motion, as well as fascia and exercise, are among the poorly discussed issues.

A little while back, Thomas Myers commented on my Facebook page on the importance of fascia and exercise.

Q – How does MIRU2 Work?

When you order MIRU2, you will get access to a private membership area to see the 8 video presentations. You can view the presentations right off the internet or download them to your computer.

There are handouts and copies of the presentation that you can download and print out to take notes on.

You will have unlimited and lifetime access to the membership area, and any updates to the program you will get for free.

Even with the MIRU being out for only a few months, we have already added a bunch of new stuff.

Q – What makes MIRU2 so unique?

It is like having a conference on your computer minus all the travel time and expenses. You get the insight of 4 experts in the area from various professions. We cover a broad range of topics that will help improve performance, training, and rehab results in the upper body. You can learn at your own pace and when it is convenient for you. Plus, you can easily earn valuable CECs and CEUs.

Q – Can I Earn CECs or CEUs with MIRU2?

MIRU has gotten CEC and CEU approval from many fitness associations. Here are the ones that have been approved:

Even if your association is not listed, it is easy to petition your association for CEC or CEUs. I can help you out with that.

Q – How can I get CEU credits for purchasing MIRU?

It is simple.

  1. In the membership area, you will find the CEC Exam. Download that and print it out.
  2. As you go through the video presentations, answer the multiple-choice questions.
  3. After answering all of the questions, could you send me the answer key?
  4. I will mark it and send you your certificate of completion, which is what you need for your CECs and CEUs.

Q – What if it Does Not Help Me or If I Don’t Like it?

Please email me at [email protected]. Please let me know why you would like a refund so I can work on improving the product in the future, but other than that one question, I will give your money back, no worries.

Q – I have bought MIRU, but I can’t access the membership area as my email has changed.

Just email me at [email protected], and I will switch things over to your new email address. No worries.

Q – Do You Have a Question?

If you have a question, you can leave it in the comment area or email me at support@ExercisesForInjuries.

Rick Kaselj, MS

My inbox has been flooded with questions about Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body 2.0 Edition – (MIRU2) all week.

I have answered all of them, but I wanted to make sure that I have responded to yours.

If you have questions about Muscle Imbalances Revealed, please ask them below.

You can ask it in the comment area or send it to me via email ([email protected]).

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