How To Do A Farmers Carry

How To Do A Farmers Carry

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How To Do A Farmers Carry with Dean Somerset

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This is one of the best core endurance exercises because you can’t cheat it. The rules of the core are: neutral, brace, breathe. This is a great drill to learn how to breathe behind the shield. You need to brace your core while still being able to move. If you don’t breathe while you do this exercise you are not going to get very far.

A Farmer Carry is a great exercise because it is bilateral and you have support one side to the other. There is no one-sided rotation.

Begin standing with a dumbbell in each hand. Stand tall and do your best to align your ears, shoulders, hips and feet. Lock in your core and breathe. Breathing should be a challenge but doable. You can either stand in one place for an isometric contraction, or walk bath and forth. While you walk, make sure to control your movements. Your pelvis should not be moving too much. Keep your head and chest up. Remember to engage your core and breathe. This exercise is essentially a walking plank.

If you want to move into a unilateral exercise, you can do the Suitcase Carry. For this exercise, hold one dumbbell in one hand. The dumbbell will be pulling you off to one side, and to compensate you need to lean away from the weight. You still want to be neutral and lined up. Although you will be slightly leaning to the other side to compensate for the weight, you do not want to bend your torso sideways. Now, you can walk. Keep yourself standing tall with your head up and continue to breathe.

To switch things up, you can bring the weight up to your shoulder. This creates unilateral loading on one shoulder. Keep everything in line and go for a walk. To step this exercise up a notch, keep the weight up by your shoulder, and with your opposite hand hold a dumbbell. This is a high-low carry. This creates an off-center weight and forces you to balance in an asymmetrical stance.

Last, try an overhead carry on one side, while holding a dumbbell in the opposite hand. This is a big challenge because the arm is now further away from your center of rotation. To make this even harder, you can keep one arm overhead and being the other weight to your shoulder, or even bring it overhead as well.

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