How to Get More From Your Bridging Exercise

How to Get More From Your Bridging Exercise

In this video what I wanted to go through was 4 ways to get more out of your bridge exercise.

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I will get Orsy to demonstrate them.

#1 – Get Out Of Your Power Position

When it comes to the bridge exercise everyone goes into their power position and then ends up bridging up and back down.

Bridge Power Position

Bridging in Power Position

To make it more challenging what we can do is get out of that power position. If I get Orsy to straighten her legs out so she has increased the range of motion in her knee and then she bridges up. She is targeting her hamstrings a lot more.

Getting Out of Power Position
Getting Out of the Power Position

If she decreases the bend in her knees and bridges up so she has bent hre knees more, now she is targeting her glutes a lot more. That’s one way of switching up the bridge exercise and getting more out of it.

Getting Out of Power Position

Bridge Position with Bending the Knees more

I know that the bridge exercise is a common bodyweight exercise and these are a couple of ways that you can tweak it up to make it more challenging and target the muscles in a different way.

#2 – Staggering

Another tweak we can do. When it comes to the feet, we go into that power position, then we bring one foot a little bit more forward and one foot a little bit back and then go into that bridge position.



Now we have challenged things a little bit more. One is targeting more on the glutes and one is targeting more when it comes to the hamstring.

#3 – Going Wider

Wider than Hip Width Apart

Wider than Hip Width Apart

When we do the bridge we should be hip width apart. But if we are going wider than hip width apart and then going up into the bridge, we end up targeting glute medius and the glute maximus in a different way.

#4 – Band March

You will put the band over your feet and bring it up just above your knees and the band ends up being an excellent tool that you can use with the bridge position but then also when it comes to standing and doing a variety of walking and standing exercises.

You are in a bridge position and you have the tubing just above the knee joint. What you are going to do is go up in into a bridge and now you are going to bring one knee up and come back down and then alternate knees up. You are keeping that bridge position with your knees, hip, and shoulders and now you are going into that band march.


Band March

With all these you can do a wide variety of things when it comes to the bridge. You can do as we did, continuous exercises, and doing like 8 to 10 repetitions. You can add holds to it so when it comes to the bridging position. At the end of the movement, you can add a one second hold or two seconds hold or five or ten seconds hold.

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Rick Kaselj, MS