What to do If You Have Poor Posture when You Stand


I got a question on my Facebook Fan Page and the question was: “When I stand, my posture looks really poor. What can I do about it?”

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Now the common thinking out there or what often times people will say to do is to bring your shoulder blades back. I don’t encourage people to do that. I will get Orsy to demonstrate.

Wrong Posture

Poor Standing Posture

Just bringing your shoulder blades back doesn’t really improve your posture. Your shoulders go back and your head ends up going forward so you don’t end up getting an improvement in your posture.

What you are trying to do is almost stand taller or elongate like a puppet, like you are being pulled up like a puppet so you will be in a better position.

Correct Posture

Correct Standing Posture

If you end up being relaxed and have this poor posture, try to elongate yourself up like you are being pulled up like a puppet.

Give that a go! If you end up having poor posture when standing, look at just elongating yourself, making yourself longer, pulling yourself up like a puppet.

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