How to get More Out of the Bird Dog Exercise

Hey this is Rick Kaselj from In this article and video I will be going through 3 ways to get more out of the bird dog exercise and Orsy will demonstrate, the first one is utilizing the tubing.

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#1 – Bird Dog (Utilizing Tubing)

How to do the regular bird dog exercise is you go into the four point position and  move one arm and the the opposite leg.

You can make the regular bird dog exercise more challenging by adding resistive tubing.

Have the tubing looped around the foot and opposite hand.

Then  just go through the bird dog exercise. Using the resistive tubing, increases the challenge the gluts and the hamstrings receive along with challenging the shoulder blade muscles more.

Bird Dog - Using Tubing Bird Dog (Utilizing Tubing)

The second one is adding pulses to the movement.

#2 – Bird Dog (with Added Pulses)

Start with going through, alternating arms and legs and then at the top, add little pulses and drop the arm and the leg and then bring it back to the end position. You can start off with a couple of pulses and then progress from there.

Bird Dog - added pulses

And, then the third way to make the bird dog exercise more challenging is to move the arms and legs in a box movement.

#3 – Bird Dog (with Box Movement)

Make a little box movement with your arms and legs. You can just go with one repetition or a  few repetitions (like 5) and then coming back to the start.

Bird Dog - Box Movement Bird Dog (with Box Movement)

There you go!

If you are doing the Bird Dog exercise, which is an excellent exercise for the core and for anyone that has back pain, if you want to make it more challenging or to get more out of it, try one of those three tweaks.

You can add the tubing in or you can add pulses to the end of the movements or thirdly, you can have the arms and legs go through a box movement.

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This is Rick Kaselj from saying take care and bye.

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