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Have you heard of people or someone close to you complaining about low energy, extreme fatigue or not being able to endure long sessions of activity?

Perhaps you have experienced periods of low energy. Sometimes, low energy levels continue for extended timelines and could become quite chronic and worrisome. When we experience low energy, we are less likely to have a full or active day. Typically, episodes of low energy could be accompanied by feelings of tiredness or sleepiness, the desire to remain in a single place or minimize movement and a general lack of endurance. The irony about low energy is that if given no attention, it could become worse and possibly linger longer than necessary. Sometimes, episodes of low energy occur and possibly for good reasons too such as when a person has worked so hard and the body needs time to refresh or renew itself through proper rest and sleep. However, a person could also experience extended periods of low energy for other reasons and to such an extent that it becomes chronic or lasts for many weeks.

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When changes in energy levels become apparent and appears to be long-lasting, it could be an indication of a more serious underlying problem. Lifestyle, weight and gender-specific trends could also be related to low energy occurrences [1]. Also, there are different medical conditions which could result in low energy including anemia, stress, diabetes, depression and heart disease. Those who have heart disease and go through cardiovascular distress could experience fatigue and low energy levels as a result of occurrences that include clogged arteries. A person with anaemia suffers a depletion of necessary nutrients especially iron which is needed by the body to function properly. To get the right amounts of nutrients in the body, supplements could be used in the right doses to properly build up the body and restore energy levels. If the body is drained or is lacking essential minerals and vitamins, this can affect its ability to power up red blood cells. When the red blood cells are compromised, oxygen is not able to reach cells in an optimal manner and this could also be when signs of low energy begin to surface. If the cells of the body are not getting enough energy, a person begins to feel fatigue and this can worsen as the red blood cells become more underpowered or depleted.

Apart from physical fatigue, mental fatigue could also develop. Physical fatigue is readily identified or easier to decipher because you are unable to perform activities with the same gusto as you may have previously performed these activities in the past. Mental fatigue, on the other hand, may not be readily apparent but can be present in cases of low energy. Examples of signals which may reveal that low energy exists could include the inability to perform simple events that may usually be everyday occurrences for a person such as climbing stairs, preparing a meal, taking care of kids, having fun in the park, dancing, playing sports and much more. If you notice a decline in your ability to function at your normal pace, you may be suffering from bouts of low energy.

What can you do to combat low energy?

Understanding why low energy exists is a good first step. Then, you can seek ways to raise your energy levels. Seeking guidance and diagnosis from qualified medical personal is a way to get some answers regarding the reason or reasons why a person is experiencing low energy. There could also be food supplements that can help boost your energy.

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A person with low energy levels could seek to increase energy by using various methods including direct treatment of medical conditions, where applicable, an adjustment of diet or also the use of supplements could also be recommended. There are supplements that are packed with nutrients and these supplements can be great ways to boost energy by replenishing the body’s depleted nutritional levels. To restore energy levels, the body needs vitamins, protein and other mineral such as manganese, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and other trace elements. There are vitamins which are popular food supplements. However, there are other products such as ant extracts that may at first seem strange but does provide benefits to various parts of the body including the nervous and digestive system. One example of such supplements is the Polyrhachis ant extract [2], which is able to provide strength and other benefits.


Ant extract can appear in powdered form and is able to serve as a strength builder by providing an energy tonic, resistance against stress, fortifying the immune system, building up muscles, slowing down the aging process, acting as an aphrodisiac, enable proper functioning of the thymus gland and also provide essential vitamins and minerals. It may seem strange that the consumption of ant extract is possible. However, this powerful extract is available and provides the power of nature as seen in the energetic Polyrhachis ant, which is also referred to as Polyrhachis vicina. The ant extract product is derived from this particular specie of ant which is found in particularly clean areas in mountainous regions. Hence, these are not your typical everyday ants. Instead, there is a purity associated with the Polyrhachis vicina, which make it safer to get and consume the ant extract. This type of ant extract has been used for thousands of years and is also referred to as the Chinese black ant. It is edible and fortified with numerous nutrients [3]. In summary, highlights of this ant extract include:

Benefits of Polyrhachis Ant Extract:

1. Power. The Polyrhachis vicina ant extract is very powerful. It has been tested as being at least 20 times as powerful as ordinary ant extracts. This power is able to build up the body and provide energy, especially when a person is suffering from low energy levels.

2. Ease of Use. It is easy to use this ant extract. Simple everyday applications could include adding ant extract to various drinks including water and juice. For those who enjoy shakes or smoothies, adding ant extract to protein blends or fruit smoothies could also be feasible.


3. Provision of Vitamins and Minerals. The body needs vitamins and minerals to thrive and perform as expected. Normal cell growth and activity gives rise to good energy levels as the body is able to transport nutrients to where it is needed. Lack of adequate nutrition in the body results in blood cells struggling to carry out usual activities. The Polyrhachis vicina ant extract contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals that can help replenish drained and oxygen-deprived red blood cell and thereby providing energy to the body.

4. Minimal Amounts for Significant Energy Boost. There are supplements that may need to be consumed in large enough quantities to be able to provide any effect. However, the power of ant extract enables people use just little amounts such as a quarter of a teaspoon for some positive input of energy.

5. Improving Endurance. Apart from building up energy levels, ant extract is able to provide increased endurance levels. People may display high energy levels but may not have the endurance to go the long haul. However, with ant extract, there could be improvements in not only energy, but also in endurance required to keep going with good levels of energy. This can be useful during exercise or workout sessions. Such endurance boosting can also be useful for other activities that require the ability to perform consistently over long periods.

6. Unleashing the Power of Nature. Organic foods and derivatives provide an advantage over various processed or fabricated variants. Usually, these processed or less organic products may be using synthetic compounds and many ingredients that may not be occurring naturally and thus possibly without pure nutrient constituents. However, ant extract from the Polyrhachis vicina ant is nature at its best pure and undiluted form. These ants are found in mountainous areas amidst ginseng plants, which provide an opportunity for obtaining clean or pure ant extract.

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Consuming a product from ants may seem like something out of a movie. However, there are edible ants and these ants do provide a powerful extract that is used to increase the energy and endurance levels of an individual. Imagine the ants you have seen and how energetic and full of life these ants are. What makes these ants so active and able to go on for hours carrying items from one place to another or simply moving around? There are nutrient-rich deposits within these ants that provide a valuable source of energy and endurance. People who are experiencing low energy levels of energy could benefit from taking this extract. Also, people who may be experiencing normal or slightly less than normal levels of energy could notice a boost of energy and endurance levels when consuming the ant extract.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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